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I purchased two twin-extra-long mattress and boxspring sets on 2/7/08. I arranged delivery for 2/14/08. On 2/13/08 (the day before the scheduled delivery), the manager called to tell me that the mattress I had bought and paid cash for was a "special order" and would have to be ordered - THAT DAY (13th) - had not been ordered the day I made the purchase, and that it would take "at least 10 days" to get in. After a bit of discussion, the manager agreed to refund my delivery fee to "make it right". She indicated that I could "stop by any time" for my refund. It's been 10 days - no phone call - so I visit the store (30 minute drive) to inquire and pick up my refund. The sales girl could not tell me where the mattresses/boxsprings are. A phone call placed to the warehouse resulted in her leaving a voicemail to inquire about my mattresses and I was told that only a manager could refund my delivery fee - and, of course, she couldn't tell me when there would be a manager on site. I left empty handed with no information. It's been a couple of hours since I was there and still no phone call (she promised to call me as soon as she heard from the warehouse). I've been without a bed for 2 weeks since I removed my old mattress & boxspring to make room for the new ones. If you fall for one of this company's sales deals - be prepared to be misled and jerked around.

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  • Me
      Jun 03, 2016
    Mattress Warehouse - No product after purchase!
    Mattress Warehouse
    9502 Main Street
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    I purchased a mattress set accompanied with a headboard and foot board set on 1/6/08. My order was set for delivery on 1/9/08. I received a call on 1/8/08 stating that the bed would be delivered on 1/9/08 but without the accompanying headboard/foot board set due to manufacturer backorder. I stated that I did not want to receive the mattress unless I would be receiving the headboard and foot board within the two week delay due to manufacturer backorder. I was told that I would receive this by 1/23/08 and thus I proceeded with mattress delivery. The first problem was that I waited for delivery and then got a call saying they forgot to load it on the truck. I spent an entire day waiting and then had to take another day off for delivery. This was a small issue but the larger issue came later when 2 weeks later I had received no call on the delivery of my headboard/foot board. I tried calling the store the entire day of 1/24/08 with no answer. I then proceeded to call a different location and was told that they didn't know why I was not informed that they no longer deal with the manufacturer and would be unable to receive the product purchased. I was also told that my sales rep no longer worked for the company and that location had new management. I contacted management on 1/25 and never received a call back. I waited until 1/27 and then went to the store to speak to the manager. The manager of the store told me the computer said the product was on back order and that he could not help me until Monday when he would be able to talk to customer service. I was told I would receive a call back on 1/28/08 from him but I could call customer service myself and try to resolve the issue. I never heard back from management on 1/28 or 1/29. I called customer service on 1/30 and was told that the company no longer worked with the manufacturer and was told I would receive a call from District Management. I did receive a call from the Executive Director of District Management who told me they could o ffer me a different product due to the manufacturer having the product on backorder. I called the manufacturer and was informed the product was not on backorder. Thus, I feel I was again deceived by Mattress Warehouse. However, this was at the Executive District and Corporate level. I have yet to decide whether I will take the substitute offered. I would not have purchased the mattress from them if the headboard and foot board I selected was not carried by them. I am confused as to how the actual manufacturer, corporate customer service and management at an alternative branch can say that they no longer work with the products manufacturer and yet district management and location management say it is on backorder. This has been the worst case of customer service I have ever experienced from any company-especially one that prides themselves in customer service.

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  • Ma
      Jun 03, 2016

    Customer reselected another bed (headboard and footboard) which required special order. Reselected product was received from manufacturer in due course, and was delivered to customer and installed at no delivery fee. Reselected product was delivered March 8, 2008.

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  • Ru
      Feb 11, 2019
    Mattress Warehouse / - defective mattress
    Rt 30 frederick md
    United States

    less the a year old has started to sink refuses to honer warrantee I have made a dozen calls all the way up to Headquters no calls have been reurned and customer service has a terrible attitude I just want and exchange or refund the matress coust in the excess of $1, 200.00

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  • Bu
      Aug 20, 2019
    Mattress Warehouse / - Charging the wrong price
    1716 US highway &0 sw Hickory NC
    United States

    Bought a Mattress set on 11 Aug 2019. I didn't pay that much attention to the invoice until I got home. They had charged me $300 plus tax too much. I had to drive approximately 50 miles (round trip) to get the bill straighten out. Was not offered any compensation for my time a mileage Bad way to do business. I'll look elsewhere the next time I buy

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