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I applied for the card, approved online, selected the go shopping link and could not use card. A few days later, finally, I could shop. Ordered merchandise, and now, over a month wasted, and numerous voice mails and emails cancelling order, got email from telling me I'd be getting a tracking number this week. No idea what it was for, went to, and chatted, text is below. Horrifying if you ask me!! Read on:

----Chat start----

Nan: Summer Savings Offers.
Enter your name and email address, order here and receive your bonus. 100% secure.
Me: I got an email saying thus:
Good afternoon,

Your order is set to ship on 7/12/2016 and we will provide tracking information this week.

Thank you!
Customer Care
What did I order, I might have lost track of something I suppose?

When you place an order with your chat agent, please mention code MGR19 for an added coupon savings. You can call us at [protected] between 9am-5pm EST. . Thanks so much!Jen GrassanoOlejo Chat Team Manager
Me: Anybody there?
Nan: What is your order number?
Me: I have no idea, the email does not provide that, it's from [protected], if that helps. I notice not Also, my email addy is [email protected]???????.com if that helps.
Nan: your name please?
Me: My name here. I think possibly I ordered from amazon or wherever, and this could be something else I'm waiting for, but I've no idea which or if that's so.
You there?
Nan: .checking the name
Me: Aack, must've not pressed enter before, sorry...
Nan: You ordered a queen bed set shipping out today. . It will be delivered in 7-10 business days. A tracking email will be sent to you next week
Me: I tried to order from Mattress Firm a month ago, don't need it, got a friend with a pickup truck and we got one local...
Nobody would answer the phone, emails were ignored, and chat feature on Mattress Firm website directed me to call number but no answer, only leave message. I told 'me I didn't want it over 3 weeks ago.
Please don't send anything, I don't need it. Those poor confused folks at Mattress Firm apparently are thoroughly disorganized and incompetent, too. So sorry.
I had to have told them several times leaving messages that first, to get on the ball or I'd cancel, then to cancel the order a couple times. They did authorizations on my credit card twice for the one attempted purchase, too.
Something is weird about your chat system, it does not always send when I hit enter, and multiple messages from me seem to want to run together.
Nan: I will submit this information to customer service and copy you on the email.
Me: You there at Olejo affiliated with Mattress Firm? If so, I'm sure you know about the obvious problems they have fulfulling and keeping track of orders.
Nan: The request fro cancellation was sent.
Me: Please tell them to remove the authorizations from my credit card to, and I'm likely not to consider doing business with them until the current universe's life span is tripled, or until they get their act together, whichever is later. That's about 35.2 billion years from now.
Ignoring my messages and letting things get to this point is simply not good. Whoever's responsible should be sent to Siberia and allowed to dig deep holes in the ice and refill them for a couple or three ice age cycles. Figure at least somewhere in the neighborhood of 100, 000 years I suppose.
If you are able to force the accountability issue, I'd appreciate it. Whoever caused this to happen, and I'm pretty sure more than one person, numerous people and multiple policies and various performance metrics as well as general business standards were absolute fails on this one.
Nan: Thank you for your comments, I will forward them to customer serviice
Me: Please advise customer service that their name is a lie, it's customer disservice, rather more significant than the AT&T disservice Clark Houard the consumer activist likes to pick on.
Anyway, I've gotta be outa here, it's my birthday, and also advise customer disservice that I appreciate the awesome "present" they've provided. It's the most fantastic mistreatment I've ever received as a consumer in my life that I can remember, and I have 54 years worth, nothing comes very close at all.
By the way, what was this baloney about Next day and red carpet delivery? Is that some kind of joke, or a never-never land fantasy, or what?
Are you there? I suppose you could me mad at me and giving me the silent treatment?

At this point, no responses for over 45 minutes.

----Chat end----

Jul 12, 2016

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