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GA, United States

The Sale Associates’ attitude was horrible, MF Management should Re-think!
I went to the Mattress Firm at March 30, and purchase the mattress and box spring. The original price was 799 dollars online, and I bargain for 750. The associate who the name is Cheryl, said: “Go home NOW”.

I was really pissed off. However there was no one else in store could help me out on that day. So I decide to leave the store, but she called me back to agree me the price at 750 dollars. I return back to take that deal because I need that bed in next couple day because I have new family member move in.

She even MUMBLING something on price is so cheap with radicular laugh. I tried to ignore her any movement, and just waited there and watch her SNAIL slow computer process. I even doubt about if she ever been train. Finally, she told me the product would get to my home about two day later at 10AM on Apr 1, 2013.

Apr 1, 2013. April Fool’s Day?? Were they play game with me? If yes, I can tell they were playing radicular fool game, and they screw theirs business. I was exited waiting my new bed at home in the morning. 1 hour past the scheduled time, 2 hours past, and 3 hours past, I did not received any call from them. I had called them to ask what was going on. Someone name “Nada” in store answer the phone. I asked about where is my bed now? And she called me wait a minutes to check, after all, she told me that they SIMPLY CANNOT deliver today. And I don’t even get apologize from her.
She had me re-schedule on another two days later on Apri 3, 2013. FRIEND LISTENING NOW, you can’t believe what I going to say, they told me they were not able to deliver to me AGAIN because she said their truck was broken down. TWO TIMES PROMISE BROKEN. Can we still TRUST Mattress Firm or her?????

I decided to CANCEL order, but Ms. NADA apologizes for problem and will give partial refund of 50 dollars back to my account. AND YOU CAN BELIEVE ME, I give her the THIRD CHANCE. Which now I don’t even know why I did that. She promised that the order will be my home at 8PM on April 5, 2013.

Only GOD knows what Mattress Firm manager at Fayetteville was thinking about how to run their business with those type sale person.

Near to the END of my negative experience at Mattress Firm.
Last night, the truck driver called me before their arrived. They were MUCH nicer than the sale women at the Mattress Firm store in Fayetteville. In my opinion, I think they should switch their position. Two gentleman were try to find something for couple minutes, and I was stand on the side with curiosity. I was kind move by them after I find out they were try to find their plastic shoe bag, in order to cover their foot to step into my house.

WHY ordinary workers are much more courtesy and politer than the store sale person??? This is something that Mattress Firm Management should be RETHINKING for your corporate’s future.

Mattress Firm’s Management, Do you want to keep those disqualify employees to disqualify your customer who love your product, or you want to have excellent employees to bring you the excellent business sales! This is naive question, we all know without speak it out. Isn’t it ?

Last thing, I came back to store today for Mattress metal base stand. Two ladies were still there, Cheryl greet me with few laugh. Nada wasn’t say anything but looking at her computer screen. They sell me the metal stand for 69 dollars, which isn’t match to what they were promised me at 50 dollars a week ago. DISAPPOINTED, I don’t really care about price. However I just CAN’T stand about (((THEY DON'T DO WHAT THEY SAID))). I took the metal stand at price of 69 dollars without extra word with them.

Finally, this is most horrible buying experience in my recent years. Definitely keep in my mind for long time. What a nightmare. Hope this can help someone who is going to shop Mattress. PLEASE SUPPORT if you have similar experiences, because each of us is the power, to force them become change and get better service for society. (Please excuse me the grammar errors in my article, and I promise this is true story.)

Apr 07, 2013

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