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I joined for 3 months and when I went to cancel they offered me a special of 3 months for the price of 1 month to stay as a member, so I decided that I would give it another try. I did not have good luck the first time, but thought that perhaps my life circumstances were preventing me from using their services and would give it another shot. Just before my next 3 months were over, I logged into my account that I had not been using because of time constraints and other factors to cancel once again. I had another offer of staying for 3 more months for the price of 1 month and declined this time know that I did not want to be a member even if they paid me to be one. I was very diligent about making sure that this cancelation went through as I have had 2 other girlfriends get raked over the coals by them in the past and had hundreds of dollars deducted from their accounts due to forgetting to cancel. They tried to get their money back as they were both in serious relationships and did not know of the policy that they were going to automatically renew if they did not physically go into their account and cancel themselves. The company is so shady that not only did they neglect to process my cancelation when I asked them to do so, they proceeded to take $50.98 out of my bank account that I was slowing starting to close and had very limited funds in it. I got a notice from my bank for an overdraft and I was furious as I have never ever in my entire 35 years on this earth bounced a check or had to use overdraft protection. I called and did get my $50.98 but after numerous calls numerous times, they refused to issue me a check for the $22 my bank charged me. I am very upset at the fact that is scamming people out of their hard earned money. If I were on a very strict budget and needed that $22, then I could have had other financial difficulties paying my bills. has become so greedy that they cannot even pay for trying to scam me out of my money. The said “it was a technical glitch in the system and had happened to others”. They refused to give me the overdraft fee from my bank and told me to call my bank and ask them to remove it. It is not fair that I had to spend my time calling them numerous times waiting on hold for long periods of time and talking to their incompetent employees let alone pick up the phone one more time and tell my bank that I was requesting they pay for being a scammer. Please beware before signing up with They need to do some serious quality control and get a grip on reality when they are the ones that made the “mistake”. Then think of all of the people that don’t notice the glitch or just suck up the fees for lack of time or other reasons. is scamming people and they need to stop. Beware. Don’t use their services. They will try and rob your money any way they can.

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  •   Apr 26, 2011 ia a fraud, they will steal your money
    They don't answer my last email now that they have my money,
    they approved of my profile more then ten times.
    and then through me out with a one word explanation, and refuse to give me my money back, Wow Has stealing from people on SS become a way of life for them?
    what do they tell your kids when they ask what they do?
    o we steal from old people on SS why?? yes I'll teach you how to do this some day.
    well I'll see you in small clams court; if this rape charge an other that will faller doesn't do you in
    I feel good about myself. life is good for me even though their are people like you around stealing from us.
    i would join a class action suit in a secant, good buy Yahoo, you will never get another cent from me.
    Occie Gilliam see i sign my full name cause i have nothing to hide.

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  • Ke
      Jan 31, 2014

    I too got scammed into purchasing a three month membership. While checking my credit card balance last week, I noticed a charge for $119 from I never recieved any notice from them, that it was up for renewal. Neither did they say how much time this money was for. I tried closing my account with no luck. So I finally had my bank cancel my card. At leas now they cannot "automatically" renew! I am still out $119 however! These people are thieves, plain and simple!

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  • Ai
      Apr 23, 2015

    They did the EXACT same thing to me. I had a subscription for 3 months, then cancelled it. THREE TIMES my account was reactivated without my doing, and each time, it was re-activated without my consent. Then, then proceeded to charge me for a full year's subscription. I called within 1 hour of seeing the charge on my account (it was PayPal, so I saw the charge immediately). It was like pulling teeth to get them to remove the charge. They kept telling me it wasn't a renewal, that I initiated the subscription. I hadn't used Match in over 6 months! Their $69. charge happened over a weekend, and while they refunded the subscription amount (telling me they were doing me a "special favor, " the refund didn't go through for 3 business days, causing my account to be overdrawn. Totally fraudulent charge. Irritated me enough to file a complaint with the BBB, asking for a letter of apology, and $250 (what it ultimately cost me). I got a "nice" letter from their legal department.] stating " doesn't do business like that..." If you look on the BBB, you'll see they have had 767 complaints filed for accounting/billing issues. That, along with these stories above, speaks volumes about the type of business they run. If I were a public figure, and felt like broadcasting to the world that I'd used Match in the first place, I would Tweet something about them, to let the world know what's going on. Something along the lines of 'United Breaks Guitars' (look it up). Someone do it, please!

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  • Ki
      Mar 02, 2017

    They did the same thing to me. i joined for six months this summer as i moved to a new location and wanted to meet people. it was a "special trial offer". i am extremely limited on resources right now. i agreed to a six month "trial". thats it. i did not agree to have more money deducted from my card which i didn't have in my account adn i was then changed an overdraft fee of thirty dollars on top of the $107 they took illegally. they are basically stealing money. when i called three times to ask them to put MY MONEY back in MY account...they said they couldn't and hung up. very unprofessional, Thats called STEALING. THEFT. i want my mooney back from this horrible organization.

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  • Sy
      Sep 23, 2018

    Another victim here! I gave it a try in April when it was on offer 4.99 per month, and since then they charge my bank account 29.99 each month without authorisation!!!

    Anyone has dignity will not trust any more! It's just a rubbish company !!!
    Why UK has such terrible company and allows this company exist?!!

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  • Ja
      May 02, 2019

    They stole my money as well. I read their terms of service. I never violated any of their rules. I never said anything rude. I never said anything considered inappropriate. I never double messaged anyone. I am a gentleman. I paid over $200 for a 12 month prescription. I had it for 3 weeks and they terminated me. They said I was soliciting. I've never slept with a prostitute in my life, nor have I ever searched for one online.
    Match is a con. Here's why they do what they do. It costs them $5-10 a month to keep your profile up and running, but if they can delete 30, 000-40, 000 profiles a month, they can pocket a lot of money. With millions of profiles, the 30, 000-40, 000 people who are deleted slip under the radar.
    I also believe that we have a corrupt justice system. Imagine if you bought a $200 plate at an expensive restaurant but they didn't deliver your food. Then they came out and said, "sorry, you violated our dress code. Goodbye." If they didn't refund you you're money their business would soon be closed down by the local police. Yet online, no one cares. Imagine the tens of thousands of people who have been stolen from and no ones does anything to stop this.

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