Mashreq Bank / e-account still not activated, cannot withdraw funds in any way

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

On the 8th of April I opened an e-account with Mashreq bank for salary transfer and uploaded all the documents required.
After 4 working days a sales person from the bank came to my office to take only the signature required for the application, and informed me that I would be receiving the debit card and cheque book after 5 working days.
Today is 4th of May, funds have been transferred and still no sign from the debit card.
After calling the call center for 4 consecutive days and made 12 calls, visits to bank branches I was finally told that my account hasn't even been activated!
For 3 weeks no one even bothered to call and inform what is the issue, until I visited the main branch in Dubai Mall.
I explained to the sales person that even I have raised complaints and called 12 times, every time I would get the same answer that someone will call me back, which till date didn't happen.
He was very helpful because only after couple of calls he established what was the problem, which in this case was a mismatch of the company name on the visa and on the registration form, so all they had to do is just take one more signature from me!
The sales person Mr. Mohammad was very kind to initiate the process at the same day but still the account hasn't been activated nor debit card received and there's no option how I can complete a withdraw.
Overall, my worst banking experience ever!

May 4, 2017

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