Mashreq Bank / credit card online/app service stopped and rude call center staff

United Arab Emirates

I was unable to make my utility payment through my Mashreq mobile app, I though there must be some issue with my app hence I tried to access online but still didn't go through. I gave a call to Mashreq call center today and was updated that my card online services are blocked until I activate my new card (which I haven't received as yet), leaving me with no option than to wait for my payments and bare the late payment charges from various entities (Sewa already late and I am expecting to receive a late payment fee of AED 100/-). upon sharing this with the staff on the phone he kept repeating the same sentence "I am sorry but I don't have any option for you" and when I ask to have escalated to sinior management he say's "All senior managers are aware of this issue and they too will have no option to solve as our system is setup this way..
It was very upsetting to receive this kind of treatment after being a loyal customer for more than 10 years now...

Thank you.

Abdul Rahman

Feb 10, 2019

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