Mashreq Bank / delay in aproval for credit card

United Arab Emirates
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Kindly publish my complaint in Gulf news.

There was an offer for 100, 000 points if you make new credit card from Mashreq Bank Dubai Incoporated card with Etisalat.
we have submitted documents to sales person in end of December. where as it takes hardly 1 weeks to get credit card or loan in dubai. in our case it took 3 weeks. when we received and activited the card it was Feb. After using the card we came across that we are not eligible for the offer as it ended in January.
Firstly there was big delay from bank for verification and validation of our documents & approval.
Secondly Validay of this offer was not communicated by sales person.
Thirdly when we launch complaint at call center it took as 2 weeks to get valid reason.

As a result we didn't receive any promotion from the bank where as commitment from bank is key to there success. I strongly feel that it can be purposfully delay in approval of card from bank as they want to reduce number of people benifiting from this offer.

Kindly take up this issue and publish in Gulf news which is one among the reputed dailies in UAE.

Warm regards,

Haroon Ali Khan

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