[Resolved] Marriott Internationalracial discrimination experience in your renaissance pattaya hotel

P Jun 21, 2018

I am writing to express my bad living experience in your hotel. This is my only bad experience in your group. I am your loyal client and hold my wedding ceremony and banquet in you Bali Ritz Carlton hotel last year. You are trusted hotel partner when I travel around.

I visited your Renaissance Pattaya Hotel to celebrate my husband and my mum birthday with my family. We have booked totally 4 rooms for 2 night. I was impressed with new fashion design decoration with your hotel.

The problem came when we check out hotel room. I am responsible for all check in and check out since my family member cant speak and read English. I was told one of the room no.828 which is my uncle room need to pay the penalty THB 3000. Your staff said they found an cigarette in a garbage bag. Since your staff( Do call manager) speak English, my uncle cannot communicate with him (My uncle can only speak cantonese or chinese). I need to translate for them. My uncle said he went to local restaurant outside for late supper and then smoke after the meal. He couldn't find the rubbish bin so he put the cigarette in the garbage bag and bring to hotel. The fact is he didnt smoke in room.
I tried to explain to your manger. He said the non-smoking icon was in the drawer and told us should read all the hotel policies very carefully. His word was warning us and not polite. Seems there is common issue occurred in Chinese. He said we used this "excuse" for penalty waiver then we didnt have to pay the penalty. But he will remark this "issue" to my profile. I feel threatened by his words. And his attitude and facial expression shown that we likes a group of thieves. My uncle insisted not to pay the penalty since he didnt smoke in room. Then your staff spoke to my uncle in Chinese suddenly 算!你可以離開 (Fine! You can leave!)and then go away. This is so rude and bad attitude. After I found out he can speak chinese and he insisted not to speak chinese to my uncle, we can feel there is racial discrimination for chinese. What I felt was your manger is not willing to deal with chinese people and discriminate us. We all feel so bad experience and made our family trip so bad.

I would like to clarify with you

1. If your hotel found cigarette in garbage bin will charge client directly without considering client situation?
2. How can your hotel staff "remark" me?
3. Your staff wont speak to client preference language even he can speak natively?
4. Is there any racial discrimination to Chinese in this issue?

There is my booking detail
Guest name: Ms Kwok Pui Yu Pauly
Date: 19-21 Jun
Handling Staff: Male young manger
Contact email: [protected]

Looking forward to your reply.

Your faithfully
Pauly Kwok

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