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Marlboro / cigarette sucker

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wholly crap! I didn't know these cigarettes would stop burning!!! I smoke Marl. Menthol ... ran out ... bummed one from hubby. Damn thang kept going OUT! Asked my husband if he had any to do that!? He said "yep, it's a safety issue". A safety issue? How can that be if I had to light it in the first place? Now, I have to keep LIGHTING it! Hmmmmm, now I figure, if you have to relight your cigarette two more times per ciggie on average, then, that means I will NOW need EXTRA lighters. Better buy stock in lighters! Reckon Marlboro owns Bic lighters now? LOL But, if I had bought these cigarettes at say ... Walmart ...could I return them because I'm NOT satisfied??? What is this new comment on the side of the pack? Nothing reads "may cause cancer". Reads contains carbon monoxide!!! Maybe this is the key to which packs are slow burning and which are not. I am soooooo pissed! First I can rarely smoke in public, as my rights were taken away, can't ride with kids in the car if I smoke (in some states) ... (glad I do not have kids), then in Texas I pay $1.00 State Tax per pack. Now when I am in the privacy in my OWN home I can maybe take one or two puffs before it goes out. Well, why quit now? My mom smoked for 30 years, quit 12 yrs ago and died of LUNG CANCER 4 months ago. Believe it!!! But now, allow me to do drugs and I can be high anywhere in public, I can do any kind of drug in any restroom and I don't get the evil eye anywhere. I'm not taxed, (glad I'm not in Atlantic City where the italian mafia WAS charging taxes for illegal activities). The way I figure and this is just plain common sense, there are more people that are slaves to drugs that create more thefts and burglaries than people who smoke and leave a cigarette burning ...that burn down a building. Look at your local newspaper. How many fires did you read abt. that were caused by cigarettes? How many robberies? ... okay you got it!!! Here's the other part I can't figure out ... when a person is smoking ... is that person holding their cigarette or is it laying somewhere burning? In General???? BTW, has anyone noticed that you had to suck harder on these cigarettes? or is it just me? Do they still seem to satisfy the nicotine addiction? Just curious. Okay, I'm done [censor]in.

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      25th of Jan, 2009
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    here in canada when they forced companies to add chemicals (not carbon monoxide, that is a byproduct of incomplete combustion) in their ciggarettes there was an obvious change in the flavour. It has been a few years since they made that change here, but I do recall how utterly disappointed in the chemical taste that myself and my friends were experiencing. i feel your pain, but unfortunately have no solutions... though i suspect buying rolling tobacco may be a way around that, but then again they might still spray whatever chemical on that stuff too

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