MAPCO Express / / customer service line

I was called back at 6:02 pm by your customer resolution line and Michael tried to mute the call and bring Ron from technical support in. Well I heard everything they said. Michael made fun of me for being upset that I couldn't access my .30 reward. He couldn't imagine how much time I spent complaining about this. Ron said to go ahead and patch the f-ing genuis in. When I confronted them about it they acted like they knew nothing about what I was talking about and told me to watch my language. They said they never muted that conversation. They never had that conversation. When I told them I was going to complain about it and hung up on them Ron called me back at 6:09 and called me Captain Obvious. He told me I needed to give him the respect that was due him. I repeated for him Verbatim what they said. I feel harassed and belittled by your company employees. I called to get a situation resolved and I get treated horribly by your Resolution Team. I get made fun of because I want to get something that my card says I'm entitled to but I can never access it. I don't even know why I use Mapco anymore. I'm just treated horribly by your employees.

Jun 09, 2018

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