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Every time I call your customer service line I am on hold for 20 minutes before I hang up because nobody answers the call. Your new rewards program leaves at bed taste in my mouth. This used to be a good program. You screwed up my email. I don't get $.10 off emails anymore. If I want gas savings I have to buy products in the store. I'm very upset. This is bogus. I can't get in touch with a live person. My account says I have $.30 off and it won't let me have it. My $30 didn't even fill my car at Hal a tank! I merged my account from [protected] to [protected] and when you made me verify my account when you redid your rewards loyalty program it switch back to my old Hotmail account. Now I no longer get emails for the savings on Thursdays and Sundays. This is not even beneficial to me. I'm spending money to get money off on gas. How is that helpful to me? I should just switch over to another gas station. Or use Krogers. If I spend enough money I can get $0.10 off there any day of the week. Everybody needs groceries. If you ever get a live person you can contact me at [protected]. That's if you even care about your customers anymore.

Jun 04, 2018

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