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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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My wife & I were booked & checked in to flight JE821 due to fly at 11h50 on 25 May 2017, as we were going to her grandfather's funeral in George. We went through the security & proceeded to the boarding gate as displayed on the monitor. No one else was there but we were too scared to leave the boarding gate as we didn't want to miss our flight. Eventually we asked some flight attendants that walked past if they could help us. They said the boarding gate had been changed. We rushed as fast as we could to the new boarding gate - my movement is slow due to the fact that I broke me back 5 weeks ago and am in a lot of pain and wearing a back brace. When we got there, the staff member standing at the boarding gate said we were too late - despite the fact that we could still see the plane. She said the change in boarding gate had been announced & they had called us over the intercom. We heard nothing as there was too much noise in the airport!

It cost us another R 2900 to fly to George the next day to make it in time for the funeral!

Not once did the staff member even apologise - she was just rude and totally unhelpful. I want our tickets for that missed flight refunded otherwise I will take this matter further. Mango should have sent us a message saying the boarding gate had changed!

Jun 09, 2017

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