Mango Airlines / FlyMango2 great grandmothers in their 80s refused wheelchair

My poor Granny and her friend, both in their late 80s were denied boarding in Johannesburg on their return to Cape Town from a holiday. Both of them unfortunately carried expired passports. This was traumatic for them as they had not had a problem on a competitor airline on the way through.
They then had to find a hotel for the evening - way outside of their budget - as well as taxi there. The feeling of being stranded in jhb is bad, but what was much worse was the treatment from the staff and supervisor at checkin. No help, guidance or even a kind word was offered. Rather, the staff were uncaring and dismissive. The worst for me is that they would not assist them with wheelchairs. Not even to point them in the direction of the acsa desk. So, tomorrow, my Gran is on standby at 6:00. I feel so helpless that they are at the mercy of Mango staff and I fear for them to go through another experience like this tomorrow morning. Today has taken its toll on them, physically, financially and emotionally. After a much saved for and looked forward to holiday - this was really hard for them. The worst is that these two elderly ladies that treat others always with the greatest amount of kindness and respect, lost a little faith in the hands of people in the service industry.

Jan 20, 2017

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