Mango Airlines / booking changes

South Africa

I purchased ticket to Durban ref no KFKVJJ then function was cancelled. Didn't know what to do with the ticket as I was told if I cancel I will forfeit whole amount so I postponed was told R542 if I'm right will be admin fee, I then got someone to give the ticket to. I first phoned for normal Quote spoke to Lulu who gave me pathetic service sounded like she didn't want to be @ work today, or she needs to go for telephone manners & client service.
I had to drop the call couldn't speak to her anylonger or get to main enquiry she even said she is confused.
I called again explained to Phumeza I need to change my ticket as I called last week was told to postpone my booking date its R542 when I called 2days later to change to some else was told I need to pay R660 extra all in all this ticket will be R2300 return I feel like I'm being ripped off by Mango Airlines with all these charges its so said they treat clients like that. You fly Mango because you believe they are most affordable & now all these hidden cost I was never advise @ the time of
I called Mango around 11am spoke to Cindy was told booking was cancelled they are investigating.
After 12pm I spoke to Grey [protected] who told me I MUST NOT ASSUME booking was not cancelled I got furious & he dropped the call without even warning me
I complained on Hello Peter as well. Mango call centre staff is extremely rude

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