Malaysia Airlines / the way my parents have been treated since booking a flight with malaysia airlines then to be diagnosed with cancer

Malaysia, Malaysia

My father booked flights in january saving for years for a one off trip to Australia booking Business class Then he was diagnosed with cancer in march. To be told that if he wants to travel with this flight he would need to pay 3225 Pounds for each flight on top of what they have paid already.
I have asked on compassionate grounds can they use the money they paid in Jan 1800 pounds each to travel economy as being pensioners they cannot afford too pay any more money. I have e mailed on numerous occasions and Malaysia haven't had the decency to reply. There flight is only available until 29th of october being held for 6 months and now my father is too fly after his cancer treatment. Malaysia basically have no compassion as my parents cannot afford to pay this ridiculous amount of money. After this experience my parents are devastated to lose there money paid for there flights and holiday to visit family in Australia. You would obviously ask claim off there travel insurance well they always get insurance but nearer the time od travel as they were going to fly in April but to be diagnosed with cancer in march that was the least on there mind. They would be so happy to be able to use there Business class flight for an economy seat with the money paid too be told No I feel it is outrageous.

Oct 26, 2017

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