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Malaysia Airlines / the way miss yap, stewardess of mas called me back from my seat to toilet to flush the toilet!!!

1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was called my the stewardess back to toilet to flush the toilet which was not used by me though I was in toilet to wash my face and hand. I felt embarrassed and be little by the way she look at me and talked to me. This was most probably she thought I was a illiterate 'kampong boy'/ rural guy who never travel or use a toilet.
She shouted at me 'excuse me!' and said 'please flush the toilet after used' It was not me that thrown the tissue in the toilet bowl, I tried to explain the but the fierce look of her really make me uncomfortable to explain further and avoid a scene I just flush it!!! I became the MAS cleaner of toilet for other passenger which I think was the lady before me...

The way Miss YAP expression shown that she was happy as she had successfully 'disciplined' a 'kampong boy' I was really embarrass as I was with around twenty of fellow lawyers, they laughed at me and giving me the disgusting look. I wish there is hole for me or thick cloth to cover my face...

Thinking back she shouldn't call me back to toilet even if it was true I used the toilet bowl, she should just flush it! What's this? A school with discipline teacher?! I made a fool of myself by complying...

Nov 14, 2016

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