Malaysia Airlines / lost luggage

My LHR--KUL flight (8 November 2017) was late so my luggage did not make the KUL--MNL (9 November 2017) flight. When I arrived in Manila I went to the carousel and filled in a PIR form. I was assured the bag would be delivered that day or the next and that I would be telephoned. Neither of those happened. The next day I called the number I had been given [protected] -- not available. I tried Malaysia Airlines through the central number at Manila Airport. Not answering. I tried the e-mail address [protected] -- no answer. I tried Twitter and Facebook. Here I did get some replies but obviously from low-level call center operatives who had no idea what was going on. My correspondence with them was useless. My inability to call anyone was extremely frustrating and worrying. I wasted a whole day trying to get some sort of response. I thought the flight I took was quite OK but the experience was ruined by the terrible way you handled the lost luggage. The bag was eventually delivered after 36 hours. That's a long delay, but that's not the main problem. Why is your customer service so pathetic? Why do you give out numbers that don't work? Why do you bother having Twitter and Facebook accounts if the people manning them don't know what is going on? Why do you give out an e-mail address that no one answers? I used to travel Malaysia Airlines a lot when I lived in Singapore and was looking forward to flying with you again but it seems you don't care about your customers.

Nov 15, 2017

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