Malaysia Airlines / items stolen from checked in luggage

Panaga Brunei, Brunei Darussalam

Me and my husband travelled from new delhi to miri via kuala lumpur on january 7th, 2016 in flight mh2592 (Del - kl) and mh 0191 (Kl - miri). At miri airport it took awfully long for the luuage to arrive at the baggae collection belt. Upon returning home we noticed that the zip of one of our check in bags was wripped from one corner, at first we assumed it was due to rough handling that the zip must've broken. Later when we unpacked and emptied the entire bag we found various things missing and realised that someone had wripped open the zip of our bag from the side (As the main zip was locked with a sterdy lock) ) and had pulled out various things from our bag. The list of the same is below:
1. A pair of skechers running shoes which were in a grey shoe bag
2. 1 pair of swimming goggles
3. 1 leg weight (Out of 2)
4. The bottle of perfume - azzaro (200 ml) (The cap of the bottle was left behind)
Please also note that this is not the first but the second time our bags have been fiddled with. The last time it happened nothing was stolen but looking at the condition of the bag we could make out some one had opened it. For this reason we locked all our check in bags this time which seemed to make no difference as the same incicdent was repeated.
It is extremely disappointing and shameful to see a reputed airlines such as yours being unable to look after the belongings of its customers and illtreating and stealing out of it. Kindly address my grieviance with a viable solution else I will be constrained to take legal action and will absolutely discontinue using malaysia airlines and will most definitely discourage others from doing so too.
I would also like to point out that such instances have been expereinced by various friends of ours here in brunei, especially those travelling via miri. It makes me feel that the the airport staff in miri has a big role to play in this entire scandal.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this complaint and take action to resolve the same as also to stop such instances from ever occuring again.
Saba menezes

Jan 10, 2017

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