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On 19.01.2017. Check in my luggage at kl sentral. Then go to klia by klia ekspres around 1400hrs. My flight no mh 1338 from kuala lumpur to kuala terengganu.
Upon arrived at kuala terengganu airport notice something wrong my luggage zip. Then notice the seal been broken. Open my luggage and notice 1 ea laptop hp mini and 1 ea samsung tablet missing. I call the security and tell them what happen. They advice to make report to aerodarat office. Make a report at aerodarat office then go home. On the way home, keep thinking if some one can take something in my luggage, he/her also can put something in my luggage (Illegal item). When arrived at home I checked again my luggage all item belong to me. But notice again 1 ea external hard drive also missing from my luggage. They are many important document/personal things in side it. By that, this report is to add one more items missing from my luggage. 1 ea external hard disc mini passport 1t. Those are very important to me personally. Please help to put on high level effort in searching those items. Beside could you advice the duration for me to follow up on this matters and is there any other replacement for me regards to those items missing. I will keep waiting to hear from you soonest.
Please do not hesitated to call me. [protected] @ mohd. [protected]

Malaysia Airlines

Jan 19, 2017

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