Malaysia Airlinesflight overbooking

My flight was supposed to be on 26th January 2017 at 140pm flying from KL to Sibu. When I checked in at the counter 2.5hrs earlier, the flight attendant told me the flight is full, meaning no more seat for me to fly back, not even first class seat. I asked for a reason for this, the flight attendant told me "there is overbooking and it is first check in first get the seat" So, there will be more demand than supply of seat. Those people like me, who are not able to "compete" with the others have to sacrifice ourselves, right? This is ridiculous and I paid thousand ringgit to spend another 8hours in the airport to wait for the next rescheduled flight which is at 750pm. Also, the flight attendant should be more professional in handling this issue, by not giving a statement " you can find the rules in google" when I asked her to show me the rules about the first check in first get the seat rule. So, I went to the office in the airport to ask for a reason. I was replied with the reason that because the transiting flights were delayed, so they have to let the earlier delayed passengers to board first while offloading those poor people like us. Meaning that I become the sacrifice. And most probably I will have to kick off another person who was suppose to board the next flight and he becomes the victim again. Problem is never going to be resolved like this and I do not like the system that overbooking is a norm for this industry. They should always have several seats emptied for this kind of cases. Also, I m not sure if there is a booking system problem with Malaysia airlines or this is your promotion tactics to attract more buyers and earn more money?. But, during tis high peak season, overbooking system should not be applied as this might pose more problems for example like this kind. How is the company going to compensate for the lost of passengers' time and money. I sincerely hope that this issue will be taken into high attention or else people will lose their trust slowly.

Jan 26, 2017

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