Malaysia Airlinesflight 131 kuala lumpur - auckland, 4th jan 2017

We recently flew from heathrow to auckland with malaysia airlines. The first leg from heathrow to kuala lumpur on flight 001 in seats 36a&c was extremely comfortable. By contrast flight 131 from kuala lumpur to auckland in seats 12h&k was very cramped and uncomfortable.
What was particularly unpleasant was the state of the toilets. I attach photos of the disgraceful state of the toilet bowl itself, the inside of the lid which had such a rough surface it could not possibly be cleaned properly, the floor which was equally disgusting, and the dirt around the toilet lid hinge. Unfortunately I have lost the photo of the built in unit below the basin, which was literally held together with sticky tape.
Some time into the flight I mentioned to a member of staff that there were no paper towels and that the toilet paper was running out. When I went back later the towels had been replenished but there was no toilet paper.
I don't like to comment on the pilot's decisions but there was a period of several hours during which I felt no turbulence but the seatbelt sign remained on and no hot drinks were served. No announcement was made but after I queried the situation the sign was suddenly turned off - I can't help feeling it had just been forgotten. It added to the general discomfort of the flight.
Are you able to give any form of compensation for our unpleasant flight? We are due to fly back on flight 130 on 14th march and I am not looking forward to it. Can you give me any reassurance that the aircraft will be in a more acceptable condition?
Chris southwell.

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

Jan 17, 2017

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