Malaysia Airlines / dissatisfaction of baggage and cabin service

To whom it may concern,
I'm a Malaysian who travelled in MH 0376 on 24/11/17. I have 2 issues which I'm truly upset and dissatisfied. To begin with, as me and my group of friends (12 people) boarded the aircraft, my friend asked your cabin crew Chong( male) what was the weather prediction in Guangzhou upon arrival. To our dismay his answer was Inproper and claimed he doesn't know. Well that was alright and after flight took off lunch was served, juice and water was surved. Completing lunch I held back with my cup as waiting for coffee. Another cabin crew didn't get her name but was partner with Chong asked for my cup. Then I asked her can I have some coffee? I was shocked with her statement; her words were, why didn't you ask my colleague earlier? So I told her he didn't walk pass me asking or serving hot drink! She rudely told me if you want coffee you should have asked and give me your cup! I was upset with her attitude and mannerism! I still asked her can I have coffee & she told me you have to wait once I finish the rest of my duty I will get back to you! It was then I told the lady cabin crew, please be polite!
However, after asking twice again after that she gave me coffee by saying " here take your coffee!"
What kind of training is MAS providing to your cabin crew! I have been travelling throughout the world and used to be so proud of MAS service, lately I am really disappointed.
To add salt to my wound; upon arrival in Guangzhou, I checked in 2 baggages ( one was luggage the other was a poster canister).
To my dismay; after waiting 45 minutes in the baggage claim, I had to make a missing baggage complaint and found out that my important poster canister did not depart from malaysia! The emotional turmoil and disappoint I had can't be explained by words. Due to settling this matter in the airport, I had to miss my preconference meeting!
Please buck up and do improve your service before you loose your customers.
Now my hope is I will be going back to KUL on 29/11/17, I hope there won't be any nasty hiccups during my return to KUL. If this can happen to your own country citizen I wonder how others are being treated. Now I'm convinced that MAS has slacked! I always defended MAS now I am having second thoughts!
Dr Thane Moze Darumalinggam

Malaysia Airlines

Nov 24, 2017

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