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Sydney, Malaysia


I am very much disappointed with the malaysian airlines this [censor] behaviour

I fly every yr 3 to 4 times from sydney overseas in business class I have transferred my millage with you guys 330000 in 2013 but every time I try to make the bookings with you guys in the last 4 yrs I nevr got the bookings with you guys using my millage point my points were expiring last yr I have to pay more than $1000 to extend it for another 1 yr I tried agin this yr with you guys in july you guys did not had the setas I try with singapore airlines I allways get the bookings so I have been flying with singapore airline. You dont have enough business class redemption bookings. I tried to do the new booking to fly 4 business class tickets and spoke to nick on the 14th of sep he booked the flight and told me I need 847200 millage for the return ticket from sydney to london the booking ref no was
N9ix3y I told him I only have 330000 millage and I need to transfer more from my westpac account that will take 3 - 5 business days so can he hold my booking so the nick from the fiji call center said he is happy to hold till 18th and I can call back agin on 18th of sep to see if my millage has arrived if not they can extend the booking.

So on a good faith I transferd my millage on saturday. I rang on the 16th to tell them I have transfered my millage so it can become 847200 there I spoke to mr farz he said it does not show that in the booking I required more than a million points what I am telling is not true. So I asked to speak with the team leader and he transfered me to mrs simmy whom I explained it that the whole converastion she assured me she will speak to the team leader in fiji and to nick and will listen to the conversation I told mrs simmy that my booking is has a time limit till 18th can she extend the time limit in case the points does not come in and they can sort it out. Mrs simmy assured me she will exten the booking and she also send me the email in writting. And assured me she will get the team leader from fiji to call me back and she will also call me back on monday to see if the problem is been fixed.

If you check under my email address you can see all the correspondence and the complain I have sent it through [protected] I sent 3 emails to simmy for the update on my case on 18th of sep no reply I then call again the enrich no to speak to simmy I was transfered to fiji and I spoke to the person name bill and explain the whole situation he checked my booking and said its allready expired I told him about the email mrs simmy wrote it to me in which clearly says she will extend the time limit mr bill said well she lied and has not done it he also told me that nick should have given you the time limit till 21st of september with the same enrich points cos its a business class booking I wasted my 2 hours explaning to him. Mr bill assured me he will fix the issue and will call me back in 1 hour the time in sydney was 1 am that day I wited for his calla he never call me back.

So I called agin on the 19th of sep to speak to bill. I got indiana in fiji call center so I have to explain the whole situation again and asked to speak to some one in malaysia whom I can lodge a complain. Indiana told me she will see what she can do and she said she can make the new booking with the same amount of millage but cannot fly me back on the 9th of october back from london to sydney as the d class fare is fully booked so I asked her to speak to some one in the higher athority it was late agin on the 20th sep so she said she will write an email to mrs simmy to call me back and fix up this issue.

The next day on the 21st I called again and same thing the call will go to fiji call center and they will not help me in any way to speak to some one malaysia enrich acll center I called malasia international call it still went to fiji and I spoke to bill.

I asked him why didnt he call me back again he siad he is sorry he will put it to the team leader and he transfered the call to nick in fiji. I spoke to nick and told him I would like to speak to the manager higher than nick cos he is been lying and told me all the wrong information he said thats not true the points I required still the same I said I need to speak to his manager cos of him my booking is been cancelled and I have transfered this another 517000 points to enrich I want all my points returned back to me with the 330000 and refund of my $1000 and would like to speak to the higher authority he put me on hold for 50 min then he come back and said I can make you the smae booking with the same millage of 847200 for all 4 of us and he will wit till today if not arrived I call him again on the 21st and he will see what he can do to extend it.

I called several time of the day to see whats happening if my millage has arrived spoke to my westpac bank wrote couple of email to enrich and nothing happened finally the point arrives in my account roughly 9 pm sydney time I try to call malaysian enrich and I have been on hold for 2to 3 hours to speak to some I wrote 3 to 4 emails for some one to call me back no one call me back

Finally after waiting for 2 hours I got hold of bill and gave him my new booking no kswhws which nick made it on the 20th of nov. Bill put me on hold for 1 hour and he said there is an issue he cannot get the same point which nick qouted me. Its 2 pm here and he could not do the booking.

I am feed up with the malasian airlines for a very poor service for treating the business class coustomer I wasted 6 days and the stress to book my flight

I want to talk to the directer of enrich memer and want an compensation for my wasted of time and I want you to return all my milage points back to my credit cards

Nitin gupta [protected]

Sep 21, 2017

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