Malaysia Airlines / cheated for international flight to taipei from kl

kuala lumpur, MY
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I am utterly disappointed that 166 passengers including myself, wife and 7yr old kid boarded for a 4.5 hr flight using a B737 plane.6 passengers per row 3 on both sides of the walk way
1. Firstly always my son was looking forward to his personal screeen to watch cartoons or play games but he was totally upset there were no screen because it was an old plane seat.
2.they gave us head sets to plug infor the mini screen that pop down what rubbish, the seats connection was not working for all 3 son was so upset he refuse to eat and just wanted to sleep the journey.
3 the best part of the 4.5 hr flight was, THERE WAS ONLY 2 TOILETS FOR ECONOMY CLASS PASSENGERS TO USE.And when the food cart was there no one could walk pass it because the aile was too narrow.I demand a refund for th most horrible flight i have ever taken with MAS, or a compensation or else i am telling all my friends and relatives to take other Airlines but Mas, the reason we were given this plane was because they had over booked the flight so they needed to use this small domestic journey plane but still charged us the normal price, because the old planes had more seats.Almost every passenger with kids and elderly folks were complaining to the crew about this plane.How could you make us suffer for the journey, so that you make a profit, where is the customer comes first policy.You have a new CEO i urge you to get out of your fancy office and get down to the field and experience what rubbish you are talking in your inflight magazine.I want my compensation or i am putting my miserable flight on 4 december 2016 from kuala lumpur to taipei 945am flight.That aircraft is suitable to fly kl to pg because of the short distance not to international 4.5 hrs journey and nothings was working. Only relief was the wonderful crew who were really under pressure from the passengers who really kept their cool.Kudos to them.I will think twice of flying Mas again, what a rip off and really miserable experience, no wonder your previous Ceo quit less than 6 months.

Dec 06, 2016

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