Malaysia Airlinesmissing handphone and cash money

I get into the flight and sat accordingly as the boarding pass, the steward ask me put my back pack into the cabin and i rejected. i put it under my feet but when the flight start to fly the steward told me that the back pack cannot put under the feet and he take away my back pack and put it on the last cabin. On the half way i saw the steward open the cabin look for something.

When the flight arrive my friend opened the cabin, i stand behind her, i saw her open the cabin and take out her back pack and i also take out my own back pack, after that we walk into airport terminal when we waiting my baggage i open my back pack and i can't find my handphone and when i opened my wallet all my cash money are gone. I believe the steward steal my handphone and cash money...because no one touch my back pack only the sterward...and no one sit behind us.

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