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Malaysian Airlines – A Horrible journey -- Theft of gold jewelry from the baggage

Flight: MH-194 (Kuala Lumpur To Mumbai )

Luggage baggage was misplaced by staff and it didn't arrive in the same flight for which a lost baggage complaint was lodged with the Malaysian airline, Mumbai office.
After following up with the airline, my baggage finally reached Mumbai on next day on 2nd April 2010. Since my wife resides about 700 kms from Mumbai, it was not feasible for her to come down to Mumbai to collect the baggage. Hence your staff suggested that the baggage will be couriered to my wife residence to avoid any inconvenience.

On 2nd April my wife got a call from your office in Mumbai that the parcel has arrived but the courier company was reluctant to send the courier as it contained gold ornaments and chocolates, clothes and gifts as declared in my baggage complaint mentioned above. I need the parcel urgently since my wife was attending a marriage in the family and the baggage contained her traditional clothes and jewelry. After I raised my concern on how you would ensure the gold jewelry will be safe, the lady officer (forgot to ask her name) informed that the baggage will be sealed and couriered.

But to my surprise when the baggage arrived on 3rd April (Ark Courier) at 5 am (do you counterparts send courier at this hour!), gold jewelry consisting of rings and managalsutra (wedding band) was missing from baggage

I am really appalled and shocked that an airline of your reputation handled this whole episode so carelessly and unprofessionally. I would like to know how I can get back the ornaments that I lost.

One more thing, when I call to Mumbai airport about this issue then they told that now they can not do any thing (just say, you don’t have to put your jewelry in the luggage bags) and they are not giving me any email or contact number where I can complaint. And give me public email id bcamhbom.[protected]  . They don’t have any official email id for the same.

And even there is no response when you mail to '[protected]' and '[protected]'

Malaysia Airlines

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  • Ra
      15th of Apr, 2010


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  • Ma
      22nd of Apr, 2010

    Dear Mr. Rajeshkumar,

    Thank you for your feedback. Let me introduce myself. I'm Pauline Chang, Manager with Malaysia Airline’s Customer Relations Department. My deepest regrets for the unfortunate experiences you have had in regards to your baggage. I am certain this must have caused much distress to you and your wife. Do allow me to provide you an explanation.

    Your wife baggage was delayed into Mumbai as it was found tag less in KLIA. Her bag was then forwarded to Mumbai on the next day’s flight. MH194 1st April 2010. Upon realizing the baggage contained valuables, our staff advised Mdm Rupa or her representative to collect the baggage personally and the transport cost will be born by us. She was also advised there could also be issues with Indian Customs, for bringing in more than the allowed amount of valuables. Mdm Rupa refused as she was living too far from the airport. The baggage was detained by Customs when it arrived on 1st April, and upon releasing it on the 3rd April, the bag was screened by airport authorities, together with our staff. All valuables were seen to be intact. The bag was also weighed and it was found to be the same as the check in weight. The bag was then shrink-wrapped and sealed by our office. The seal number was stated in the discharge form which you signed, on the 4th April.

    Mr. Rajeshkumar, Please let us explain that, although the contract of baggage handling is with the airline, a passenger’s baggage is also handled by various authorities. While we strive to minimize any mishandling to baggage, regrettably, with over 300 flights a day, sometimes we are unable to achieve 100% service delivery to our customers. In cases whereby mishandling does happen, Airlines are governed by IATA guidelines that sets the limit on the liability for baggage compensation. When a baggage is missing or items found missing in checked-in baggage, and there are valuables such as monies, jewelry, electronic items, etc, that are placed in the baggage, the airline's liability is strictly limited in most cases. This is why passengers are advised not to put valuables in their checked in baggage. This is clearly stated and constantly reminded in our Terms and Conditions of Carriage, and also on display boards in KLIA.

    Thank you once again for making the effort to highlight your travel experience with us. We look forward to welcoming you on our flights in the near future and hope that your next experience would be much more pleasant.

    Pauline Chang,
    Customer Relations,
    Malaysia Airlines

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  • Ra
      27th of Jul, 2010

    Hello Sir,

    i have not visit to this site so I am replying late….

    From the above comments I want to highlight some points

    You say "our staff advised Mdm Rupa or her representative to collect the baggage personally and the transport cost will be born by us”, you are really joking sir :P

    There is no such commitment to pay money for the same so we told that send the bag to home town and they accepted. There is no commitment for transport cost even we ask if bag is lost then…. Then they ready to may a minimal amount 2000 RS / 150 RM only, even cost of bag itself only is much higher than that…

    Gold weight around 20-22 Gram is lost. And even you weighted at KL and Mumbai then it will not counted I think… may I right sir?

    I don't think that I will get my lost gold jewelry back but just want to say that please don't stop this investigation, it may happen to other passengers.

    Rajesh Vaja

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  • Mi
      4th of Feb, 2011

    This is something most pleasatn experience one can face while travellinh with MAlaysian Airline .. and as the tagline for Malysian Airline Says Malaysian Hospitality ... I am sure Malaysian hospitality is not so bad ...
    MAS need to be more causious while handling the baggages and customer Complaints ...
    Also when the more competition is comming in Air line business andthey are offerring world class services ... MAS need to insure the world class standard ...

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  • Jo
      18th of Jun, 2013

    Myself and my husband flew Malaysian airlines from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur on the 25th of May (flight no MH 132) we were assured that our luggage would reach our next destination which was Tan Son Nhut arpt Ho Chi Minh City (flight no MH750) our luggage did not meet us as it had been left in Kuala Lumpur. We were assured our luggage would be on the next flight and sent to the Duxton hotel were we where staying we were told that we would receive our luggage that day after numerous phone calls and still no luggage we had no choice but to go and by ourselves toiletries and clothing which cost us $200 US not happy with the situation we waited until the next day to make more phone calls finally our luggage arrived at the hotel later that day. This we feel is something that the airline needs to address as this is a very stressful situation that you do not need when you are on holiday.

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