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Malaysia Airlines / poor baggage handling

1 Malaysia

I am want to voice my utter dissapointment at poor baggage handling system of
Mas. I brought my family of 4 for holiday arriving london heathrow 25 feb 2010 via mh4.

1. Check-in luggage.
I checked in 4 bags.
One bag came out with deep scratches, and it was a brand new american tourister
Bag! This bag was totally manhandled. I had fragile sticker pasted onto the bag but
Looks like no one noticed or bothered!

I also knew the bag was manhandled as my son's baby biscuit was broken
Several pieces inside.

2. Baby stroller
When I boarded the plane, ground crew at klia told me to surrender my stroller which I
Did. They told me when I landed, it will be available at heathrow terminal 4 gate when plane
Landed. Naturally after 10+hours flight, my baby will need a stroller to rest.

When plane landed my stroller was no where to be found.
I asked around and they told me to go baggage counter 7 where all collection of
All bags would be there.

I was unhappy/dissapointed already as I had to manage my daughter age 4 and carry my baby son.
My wife was not feeling well which your air-crew could attest. (Chinese air-stewardess will have detail)

Anyway I waited patiently for my son's stroller to arrive... And it didnt!
Most of all passengers have collected their bags and I was still standing around like a fool!
Where was the priority of "parents with children"?

I asked around and heathrow being so busy, they told me to wait.
After nearly one hour, they gave me my stroller. It was drenched wet with rain water!!!

What's going on? I couldn't even use the wet stroller for my son.
And why is my stroller being wet?

Because of the long wait, my pick-up driver had left heathrow thinking I was a "no show".
I had to pay a fine to the car company to send another driver to pick us up! Also because of
That, my family and I had to wait at the airport. We should already be in our hotel resting from
Such a long haul flight. I also had to communicate with our hotel to allow late check-in due to
This delay. So much of inconvinience caused... And remember, I had to carry my son all these while!

The flight landed approx. 4pm (Uk time) which would be midnight in malaysia.
My family and I was very tired.

After such a long flight, my family and I do not need this! I tried to file a local complain at
Heathrow terminal 4 but the ground staff told me to write to mas directly about my complain as it's not their fault.

Now that my family is settled down, I am writing to mas to complain about this
Even now on my return flight on 13march, I am really dreading stepping into
Plane of mas

I have written to mas and awaiting their reply about the two issues which I brought up, which will determine
My next course of action!
This is totally unaccepable and appalling especially for national carrier mas!

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