Malaysia Airlinesbias, rude and unprofessional behaviour

N Nov 27, 2017

Date of incident 21/11/2017. I want to make a complaint of the staff at standby counter in Miri Airport. I personally using standby ticket / waitlist (my sister is cabin crew and i am her sister). So recently, the policy have changed only for Family Travel Program (FTP). And the ticket that my sister bought was not under FTP. What happen was, when i got there i told the staff that i am using standby ticket and i haven't even finished my word she straight away cut me off saying blackout period, she did not even want to listen when i am trying to tell her that my ticket was not under FTP. I tried to showed her my ticket number but she push my hand away. The fact was my ticket is usable as long as there's empty seat and this clueless staff thought all of the standby ticket is not available. Come on. This is not my first time using this ticket. The worst thing was, not only this staff being so rude but same goes to other staff. They were not helpful, not friendly and most importantly not being professional. This is a benefit and privilege given to MAS employee's family and not to torture. Why torture? we waited for 12hrs or more just to wait for available seats and that was fine. But staff being rude and bias to us? Bias when they give other seats to their friends instead of the people who have waited at the airport first (First come first serve rule). We're customer after all. Even though we paid not the full amount but they should still treat us as the same customer who paid full amount ticket. Most importantly, who ever in charge should explained to the staff at the counter properly about the policy because they do not even know there is other privilege program.

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