Malaysia Airlines / below par service

I was on flight MH0731 from BWN to KUL on 13 Mar. I have to bring out these observations:
1. Drinks were served using trays ( choice of only apple or orange juice. I can understand no hot drinks because the seat belt signs were on. Using tray just like flights from KUL to JHB.
2. The use of super large plastic bags to collect meal boxes. Meal boxes were thrown into the plastic bags and one can see gravy stains on the plastic bag (clear plastic bag). Crew shook the bags to compact the rubbish so that more can go in. It resembles Municipal Council collecting rubbish. What an ugly sight. Super big plastic bags carried between aisle seats.
3. Crew just said choice of fish or chicken. Don't know whether it was with rice or noodles or... . Chicken was with murtabak I found out.
4. No smiles to greet passengers. Maybe they are stressed.
For a full service airline that takes pride in it's in flight service, there is a lot to do to improve. It's good to look at your competitors; benchmark against the best so that we can once again be proud to fly MAS.

Mar 13, 2017

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