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Horrible experience with the staff. They ignored the elevator alarm ringing when me, my wife and our 17 month old baby were stuck in it for 15 minutes. Staff working in the bags dept outside the elevator turned a deaf ear to it. Luckily a passing by customer heard us banging on the door and helped us out. Security staff working on the same floor also ignored the alarm and instead of apologizing for their mistake advices us to dial 911 if there was an emergency with us. How stupid can they be. Manager does not take responsibility of what happened and instead asks to complain to Macy's head office. Surely these guys dont take their jobs seriously and dont know what customer service actually means.

Apr 29, 2017
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  •   Apr 29, 2017

    What does the BIG ### sign in the elevator say to do in the event of emergency? It says CALL 911. The employees may not have heard the alarm. It is not like a fire alarm for crying out loud. Hell, you could have googled the name of the store for their phone number and called them to let you out.

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