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Macy's credit card policy in making payments is VERY misleading and setup to charge their customers late fees even if they believe they are paying more than the minimum payment as listed in their statements. I payed twice the amount indicated on my minimum due on my account prior to the due date to avoid late fees for December as I would be on vacation traveling for the holidays. During my vacation Macy's continuously harassed me with phone calls at least 6 times a day stating that my payment was due. I knew i had payed ahead and logged onto my account and sure enough, I payed twice the amount in November on time. However Macys charged a $25.00 late fee and an additional $50, stating I should have made my december payment at another time so my double payment does not count. This is ludicrous!!! I called a spoke to a supervisor name VINE at extension 6378 and she stated well that is Macy's policy and I am still responsible for the late fee as well an additional $50. Because of this Macy's increased my Balance by $75.00 although I prepaid Decembers Bill in November's payment. This is a way for Macy's to make additional Money off they customer's along with additional interest. If anyone else has had this experience, I think a class action law suit is in order.

Dec 28, 2014
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      2nd of Feb, 2015

    Credit cards don't work like this. You can't pay extra, or double the minimum in your case, and assume your covered for two months. That's just plain silly on your part. When you leave a balance on a credit card, you have to make a payment EVERY MONTH NO MATTER WHAT THE AMOUNT IS. This is your fault and because you were ignorant to how credit cards work you accrued late fees that you are responsible for. It's not Macy's fault that you didn't know what you were doing. Pay the fines and close your account until you're less clueless. Also, with internet billing available, your argument that you couldn't pay while on vacation doesn't hold up.

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