Macy's / kenneth cole reaction sandals

On 5/6/17 i went into the Dallas Galleria location and a pair of sandals was order for me i wore them twice last year and once this year about three weeks ago and they came apart on the side i still have my e-receipt in my email i went into the Dallas Galleria location to exchange them and was rudely told by a manager named lauren that they could not be returned when she frist walked into the department the frist thing she ask the associate was did you get me a credit yet and the guy said no and she then ask are you going to get me one because you're coworker has gotten one called her by name i feel that she was very unprofessional talking about credits in front of the customer myself and two other customer's i don't know why Macy's wouldn't stand behind there merchandise when i only wore the shoes three times

May 27, 2018

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