Macy's In Hampton Baysvery rude manager!

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I had shopped at another Macy's (Smithhaven Mall) where I received an additional 50% discount on 3-4 designer names yesterday. I went to Macy's Hampton Bays today, and asked the sales lady about the additional sale. She informed me she knew nothing about it. Not knowing is not an answer. Upon pressing her to find out, I asked to see her Manager. The woman (Fanny, 265855)showed up huffing and puffing, advised me that I was already told that they "knew nothing about it" When I asked her to make a call and find out, she really huffed off... When she returned a few minutes later, she simply said "Nope!" She informed me that she was in charge of the store when I asked for her manager. She had no id tag. The managers wear the red tags. She refused to give me her name until I started to really get angry. I went into the office, where she was now talking about me to some others. In front of everyone, she said that she never refused to give me her id. Only at this point did she write on her card her id number. How does someone so unprofessional get to be called a manager of anything? The only thing she "managed" to do was make a customer upset enough to take time to write in. Macy's is usually not such a nice shopping experience anyway, I will not miss that store.

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  • No
      Aug 16, 2007

    Unfortunately in this country you have to go to a luxury retailer to get "first class" service. My suggestion to the author is to spend a bit more and get the experience and personal service of a Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Ave. The calibre of employee is more professional and they are generally better trained and paid than the average "clerk".

    I would rather shop a few times a year with a luxury retailer than regularly with a mid tier low service department store. Another bonus is luxury retailers while pricey, carry better tier merchandise. The things I've purchased last several seasons and are made well. Remember you are the consumer let your feet do the talking.

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  • Si
      Apr 26, 2011

    Saks distribution center in MD, don't care about how the of boxes are shipped, the cleanliness of garments and if the product is shipped to the wrong consumer.

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