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Everyday all day long for the last 10 days.

800 Service

That number above shows up on our phone screen.

When answering the phone you can hear its a call center out of our country. The people yell in the phone when we answer and when we call back there is never anyone answering. I have told them a million times to stop calling and placed us on a Do Not Call List.

May 16, 2017
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      16th of May, 2017

    This number has nothing to do with Macy''s and I cannot imaging why you think it does. Had you simply plugged that number into yahoo or google, you would have discovered it is scammers calling from either Pakistan or India. They want to convince you they are with tech support, generally they will say Microsoft, and they want to remotely access your computer because it's infected. If you were ridiculous enough to believe them, there is a good chance they would empty out your bank accounts. Because, that is their end goal: to get log-in information for bank accounts so they can steal your money. Telling them not to call or put you on a DNC list will have ZERO effect. You need to tell them you know they are a scam. They may then move on to another dummy. OR, you could say hold on and put the phone down and simply don't return to the call.

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