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Macys Credit Card Services / miniumn balance went up without my knowledge

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 18009476229

I've been a Macy's customer for a long time. I think I got my card in 2007 or 2008. I've paid my bill with their billing company check free for years. It pays the minimum balance on time every month. Sometimes I change it to more than the minimum but I've never had a problem, until now. Recently my back account was compromised so I had to get a new checking account. I updated my check free and presumed it would continue on. I was wrong. Check free did not pay my november bill on time or my december bill. Macy's charged me a late fee. I figured this out when I was getting called by their collection agency. I called them and got their line in India. All the girl would say was "Oh I am sorry. We are just the reciever of the bill." She was no help. I asked to be transferred to check free. They were more helpful. The guy said that when you make a change it takes a cycle to catch up to itself. I didn't know this at all. So I called Macy's today and told them what happened and asked them to remove the late charges. She did, reluctantly. Then she said did you know your minimum balance went up. And I said no I had no idea. I've asked you people for paper statements for years and never have gotten one.
Then she said it went up to 25.00. I said my November bill says 5.00. She said no it's 25. I said I'm looking at the bill and it's 5.00 and I paid that bill after I realized check free wasn't paying my bills.
She argued with me and I said do you want me to email you the bill. Then she said well in December it's 25.00. would you like to make a payment. I said fine. She said it's 30.00 for November and December. I said why am I paying November's bill when it's already been paid. She said that's interest. I said from where. the bill was paid and the minimum payment is 25.00. She said well If you do not pay the 30.00 the collectors will continue to call you for a past due. Eventually I told her forget it. Pay the 30.00 and send me a final bill and cancel my account. She made no effort to explain it to me or to try to save me as a customer. She was rude and argumentary and it was the worst customer service I've ever delt with. Obviously Macy's could give a crap about their customers.

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