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A dear friend of mine gifted me a hand purse on the festival of Christmas which I did not like it and was purchased from Macy's. The gift was given with love and so I didn't want to disappoint her by asking for the receipt and I decided to return the purse to Macy's. When I entered the store I did a price check on the scanner so I could find something equivalent to the price of the purse. The purse scanned $31.84. I went upstairs to find a purse in that price range to do an even exchange. I chose the purse and I went to the counter and explained to the associate the purse was a Christmas gift and I wanted to exchange it for the purse I had in my hand. Keep in mind Christmas was on a Monday and I attempted to do an exchange on December 30, 2006. The associate proceeded to ring up my exchange and turned around and told me the purse was only worth $15.00 since I didn't have a receipt. I told her the price check scanner was showing $31.84. She explained without a receipt the store policy is the customer will receive the lowest selling price of the item in the last 180 days. There was no way this purse could have sold for $15.00 in the past 180 days when the original price of the purse was $65.00. She called for a manager to explain the policy to me. I asked the manager, that it was not fair and he must help me to do the exchange. But nothing worked I decide to take the $15.00 I told her I didn't want to hurt the person's feelings by asking for the receipt and I said thank you and went home to call Macys corporate office. The Customer Service Representative said each Macys have their own in-store policy. She suggested I call another Macys to find out their policy on returns. If they wanted to help me they really could but these money eaters want a chance.

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      Sep 07, 2009

    all retailers have this policy. its deters shoplifters from getting an item off the shelf and trying to "return it"you should have told your friend that you wanted to return it and im sure she would have given you the reciept. or she could have included a gift receipt. so the company is trying to protect itself

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