Hello Customer service,

Good Morning! This is Meena here. I had visited the Newpark Mall office CA, met the HR Diana Diaz, and spoke with her regarding my bill of $ 17.29 which was paid by me on 09/25/2016. She had even given me a copy of the receipt. I had send this copy to the customer service office in OHIO through USPS along with a letter requesting them to look into my matter seriously. But the customer service has not bothered to do this and again on Saturday 4th Feb, 2017 I received a bill with interest of $ 137.00 to the bill of $ 17.29. Please could you correct it as the customer service mentioned that they cannot see this bill on their system.

I do not want my credit score to be affected because of this. I would have to go legal ( meet with an attorney) if this goes on for more time. I rang up the customer service many times but they showed no response. Please help me out from this mess and it would be great if you would do the correction in the system from your side.

Hoping to hear a favorable response from you soon. Have a great day.

{The transaction history is as follows:
09/25/[protected], register 73, [protected] 6.35 PM, Cash $20.29, charge, $17.29, Change 3.00$, Drawer was Opened.} Newpark Mall Macy's.


Feb 06, 2017

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