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Kochi, India

I bought a dress from lulu celebrate on 24th November, this dress was over sized and the sales woman said it will be shaped very well. So I paid, it was given for alteration. It was late and I didnt try it then. When I tried, it was over tight. Next day I went back and told them, they again said it can be fixed. What they did was, they just stich one straight line to make it loose or tight. That dress is over sized for me and it won't get shaped just by stitching​ one line. I asked them to exchange it. It is not possible if it is altered. Then why didn't they say it before giving it for alteration. For them it is another one sale. I had to buy another dress as I couldn't wear this dress. I bought it from Max . What a difference. There if one has a complaint they will exchange it within 30 days.Ihave gone to many other shops, they don't​ have this kind of behaviour

Nov 27, 2017

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