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Lowes / floor installation

1 PA, United States Review updated:

I signed a contract with lowes for the installation of a pergo floor, 4/09 the store raved about the installer, well the installation day arrived and the installer immediately wanted an additional 600.00 to level a 12x15 partial floor this was labor only, I was to purchase addl 400.00 worth of material.. now the installer did come out and check my dining room floor and insisted he would not need to do too much. I personally had to remove the rug and tile and padding plus go pick up the 15 boxes of flooring and misc. myself. He worked on the flooring he left after5 hrs of work @ 125.00 a hour he mixed the flooring material in the house there was dust and grime in the entire down stairs. I was furious. I called lowes all the managers avoided me, I finally did talk to a dept. mgr who was helpful but her hands were tied, they basically were happy to take my money but not follow up on any customer problems. I now have a empty dining room with out a floor and now where to turn. The contractor was ignorant...

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  • So
      21st of Oct, 2012
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    I recently had windows and a door installed and even though I paid Lowes before the installation the contractor didn't get paid until the job was finished and done to my satisfaction. Lowes called a couple days after the job was completed and asked if I was totally satisfied. If I would have had complaints, which I didn't, the contractor would not have gotten paid until done correctly. I don't understand why you had to pick up all the materials. That is why you hire Lowes in the first place. They come and check everything, give you and estimate, and that is what you pay. Sounds like you were getting the shaft from the contractor.

  • Mi
      23rd of Oct, 2007
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    Thats a harsh way to be treated Mike, I feel for ya. I've discovered over the years that contracting through a mass retailer for major projects generally is a headache. People usually go to them because the prices are cheaper than your average "mom and pop" business. Always keep in mind that a large business like Lowe's survives on volume, meaning they don't make a large profit on any given customer. They make money by selling to hundreds of thousands of people every week. If they tick off a customer, they don't even feel it because they are so large and deal with so many customers each day. Like if you have 10,000 customers and you tick a few off... does it really make a difference overall? A small community business on the other hand, thrives on a strong reputation and when they tick someone off, they feel the repercussions much worse. Which is why the service is generally much better because they realize (correctly) that if their customers leave angry, their reputation goes south and eventually, so does their business.

  • Mi
      7th of Aug, 2007
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    Lowe's - Floor installation
    United States

    Had the inside of my house painted , a very professional and expensive job. My wife decided to put new flooring in the down stair bathroom and laundry room. Went to Lowes for the flooring. the installers showed up installed the floor on the correct day. After they left I noticed the toilet was plugged in the new floor bathroom, called Lowes to let them know. They contacted the installers stating they would come back in the morning to take care of the problem.

    In the mean time I shut off the water to the toilet so nobody would use it. Used the upstairs bathroom to take a shower, little did I know they dropped the old wax ring seal for the toilet down the drain. This plugged the main line all the shower water, toilet, etc. from upstairs came out the toilet and flooded not only the new flooring but my living room, den, bedroom. Thousands of dollars of damage
    Lowes now wants nothing to due with me, since the installers are subcontractors To say the least, I don't think I'll be buying any more things from Lowes.

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