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I went to Lowe's in Wichita, Ks. to purchase four table legs and 1 piece of peg board. I am in my sixty's and have really painful knees which makes it hard to walk. Using a basket to push so I can lean on it makes it a little easier to get around in stores.
I found the table legs I wanted and after some walking up and down isles looking for the peg board, and passing a few employees on the way. Yet not one employee ask if I needed help or if there was something they could help me with.
I finally stopped one young man and ask where the board might be, he pointed and said on the back wall and walked off. Ask nothing about helping or getting me help.
After walking up and down the back wall I did not see what I wanted. After several minutes I found someone else and stopped him and again ask about the peg board. He said "it's down here" walked down the wall, pointed it out to me and kept right on walking. Again, not offering any help what so ever.
I wanted one piece of peg board and wanted it cut in half. After looking for employees, which all seemed to disappeared, and my knees hurting more and more with each trip I decided to go somewhere else.
Against my better judgement I went up to pay for the table legs. The young man checking me out did ask if I had found everything okay. I then told him "no" explained what I had wanted and how I could not get any help. Thinking he would call someone and maybe get someone to help. WRONG! He said "okay, that will be $25 and 26 cents. Took my money without another word and moved me on.
I thought about taking the table legs back in and getting my money back but I didn't, but I did tell my husband when he got home and decided that I will now shop at Home Depot or any other Home Improvement/Lumber Yard here in Wichita. But I will not return to Lowe's where the people are rude and uncaring, and that's if you can get their attention.
I'm really glad I didn't faint or have a heart attack, I would have died before any of them would have noticed. And that would have been only because they had to move me out of the way to push a cart through.

Apr 19, 2016

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