Lowe's Home Improvementflooring chipped after 2 years and they would not provide warranty

Lowes on Higley in Mesa, AZ: I don't think the flooring we purchased just three years ago is listed but this is close. It started chipping around the edges and so now I have to cover the floor with rugs to keep our socks and slippers from snagging on it. The warranty said somewhere from 20 - 30 years and my husband specifically asked if we could use it in a mobile home in Mesa, Arizona. We were told yes, many people do very successfully. Well, now that it is chipping, Lowe is saying all kinds of things may be why, specifically because we installed it ourselves and they suggest the floor wasn't level, and it isn't good in mobiles/park models (That isn't what we were initially told). It is only between two cupboards and our whole mobile was levelled prior to. The floor is solid. That is a cop out and they won't do anything. Less than three years for a flooring to last as it started last year. Unacceptable. If you bought at Costco they would at least stand behind the product and make the manufacture compensate you. Not Lowes, just simply not interested. Please help spread the word - the manufacturer's warranty means nothing unless you get Lowe's to install the product. Lowe will wimp right out and not even offer to get help from the manufacturer. Buyer Beware!!

Apr 09, 2016

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