Lowe's Home Improvement Centerexcess materials

I had a pool deck built by lowe's contractor. Sales man came to my house took measurements (Never said it was a kit) lowe's contractor came out later he measured (This contractor through lowe's put up 3500.00 vinyl privacy fence, following year was windows and doors). All unused unopened materials were returned to lowe's and I was given a credit refund)

Deck wasn't built yet, first bill came in december 2015 nothing broke down as to cost of materials etc. The contractor had the materials delivered january 2016 and was placed on the side of my house..
April (2016) the contractor began the project. I had several square patio blocks that I wasn't using. He said they would look better then using the quick create, I told him go ahead use them.
All unused and unopened material was placed on the pallet with the seven (7) bags of unused quick create, he placed three (3) packages of unopened vinyl spinals (Used on the stair railings) three (3) uncut 6ft composite boards and a box of vinyl caps.
Once the deck was completed the contractor said he would have lowe's come pick these items up, possible credit to me but he was unsure how it worked.
I called lowe's a few days later to find out when pick up was so I would be home when they came.
On thursday april 7, 2016 lowe's came out. I asked him who the refund/store credit worked he said he did not know. At 4:30 pm I received a telephone. The lady introduced herself stated the drive said something about a refund to her, it was at this time she said there is no refund/store credit...
I informed her I paid for these items she said no I did not it was a kit. I informed her I wanted to speak to a manager derrick very nice however not resolved.. Said I only paid a penny for the quick create (I seriously doubt that).. If this was the case I would have kept all materials.
Lowe's is going to resell these items, that I paid for. At no time was I never informed this project was a kit. If this was a kit it would contain x, y, and z and belong to customer. Also I would have had the contractor use the quick create instead of my blocks! This just is bad business

I spoke to several competitive companies in jefferson city without mentioning lowe's name they agreed these items would be the customers...

All I want is the items back as listed, store credit or refund..
Not a penny a bag for seven bags of quick create either

Apr 11, 2016

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