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Lowe's - Athens, Al / poor customer service

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I just came from Lowe's and am not very happy. I went for paint and plants. Seems when they ask you if you need help, you really are supposed to say no - I asked the girl in the paint section for help choosing a color from some of the samples and she told me I needed to take them home with me and decide - all the time complaining to a co-worker about her schedule. I made my decision by myself and as big of an inconvenience as it seemed to be to her, she mixed it for me. Still, complaining to her co-worker, she never said, "it will be a few minutes while I mix this, or "i will be glad to get this for you" or anything. Her co-worker brought it to me and was nice and did tell me thank you. I went on to the garden shop where found a yard cart thing I wanted but it was a little beat up and dirty and scratched some. I asked the man if maybe I could get a couple of dollars off because of that. I thought he was going to ask, but he never came back. I went on to the check out at the customer service desk. The girl at the register was talking on the phone and at the same time, talking to another co-worker about something she had found and didn't know whose it was - a purse or earrings or something. Anyway, I asked her between conversations if maybe she could see about getting the discount. She sort of rolled her eyes and called someone else on the phone. A man (Thomas) appeared who was also on the phone. She took the cart over to him (about 8 feet away) and said something to him, I couldn't hear. He never looked up at me, but shook his head indicating no discount. I would have thought he would have said "No, I'm sorry, but we can't ..." or something sort of nice. But he never even looked at me, never smiled, just shook his head and kept on talking on the phone. I did not buy the item. And I did tell the cashier that if he had been a little more pleasant with his denial that I would have bought the item. I did want it, but it was really dirty and bumped up. So I left with my $50 worth of other stuff and got into my car and thought about turning around and taking everything back and going to Home Depot. But, I didn't. I probably will next time. I am not the type person who demands people kiss my butt when I'm shopping, but good grief, they could pretend like they care if I'm pleased or not. I don't usually write letters either, but maybe if more people did, things would change - maybe. Anyway, I don't know who will ever read this letter or if anyone who reads it will care if my little feelings were hurt or not. I suppose I feel better just writing.

P.C. McMeans

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  • Me
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    Ok, well I see your point, however, I was a cashier at the Lowe's in Athens for about 7 months. I am pretty sure I know who you're talking about with the pain department, and trust me, we have had several complaints-yet no one ever says anything to her, not sure why? Anyways, the reason that Lowe's has poor customer service is because, unbeknownst the the customer, there are a billion other customers complaining at the exact same time, wanting help with something, wanting a discount, wanting to know where something is. And as cashiers our supervisors are constantly calling us, telling us when to relieve someone, or who gets a break next, and when to go to lunch. It is very hectic. Also, as a cashier, I was the last person people saw, so WE were the ones who got the angry people and complaints. I am not speaking of you when I say this, but people go to places like that and expect the entire store's attention, when there are 100 other people wanting the exact same thing, with only 40 employees working. I was the typical overworked and underpaid, and the people on the floor had it even worse, closing at 11 and coming back at 5 am. Thomas is also a very nice person and will bend over backwards for customers, and if he did not approach you correctly I'm sure it was because, as I've said, someone on the other end of the store was complaining and needed them. I no longer work there, but I know how customers are, because everyone is a customer, regardless of whether they work there or not-and you want to get in and out, as quick as you can. Sometimes, due to circumstances no one can control, that is not the case.

  • Sh
      13th of Nov, 2011
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    The advertisement for Lowes is customer service. I have worked at stores with high demand on customer service and we did a good job at our job. It only takes a moment to please a customer. That's your job.

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