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November 28, 2018
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Complaint against Lord and Taylor for false advertising and poor customer service
On Sunday November 25, 2018 I was shopping online for some jewelry that I like and found that Lord and Taylor had all of their Uno de 50 jewelry on sale with an ADDITIONAL 25% off at checkout. I chose some pieces and tried to check out and the code given on that day was FRIDAY for their black Friday sale. I got an error message stating that my order did not qualify. Their website clearly stated that there was an additional 25% discount and I have the screenshots to prove it.
I continued to try and purchase on Sunday thinking it was a glitch but nothing worked. I sent an email to customer service and never received a reply.
On Monday morning I looked at the site again and now the code to use was CYBER so I tried purchasing again and still got the same error message.
I called Lord and Taylor customer service line 4 times since Sunday and got nowhere. The first time I called on Monday November 26th and he kept trying to tell me that there was too much web traffic and that's why the code didn't work. Then he changed his story and told me the items were excluded. I told him to look at the website because it clearly stated the additional discount with no other disclaimers. He finally said that he could take my order and would give me the discount but I was driving and was not able to pull over and give him the item numbers that I wanted. He said I could go ahead and order and then call the same number back and request a price adjustment.
Later that night I ordered a necklace and matching bracelet and of course the CYBER code did not work. I placed the order and then called customer service. The girl I spoke to kept insisting that these items were not eligible and I told her to look at the website. She ended up hanging up on me. I tried calling back but the call center was closed.
I called again early on Tuesday morning explained my situation again to no avail. I told her to cancel the order immediately and I didn't want to do business with them if they were not going to honor what they advertised. She said she could not cancel the order even though it had been placed only 8-9 hours prior. She ended up hanging up on me too.
I immediately called back again and spoke to Nathanial Agapay. I had to retell my story once again and I told him I wanted to cancel my order. He put me on hold and when he returned he assured me that the order was cancelled and I would get a cancellation email within 24 hours. I asked him why the company would not honor the offer on the website. By this time, they had removed the sale on Uno de 50 jewelry but I still had my screenshots of the items that I purchased with the additional 25% off clearly advertised on each item. He asked me to email him my screenshots and I did that right away. I never got a reply from him nor did I get a cancellation email.
On Wednesday, November 28th I got an email stating that my order was shipped. If my order is being shipped, then I want the additional 25% discount that was advertised on the website in the form of a price adjustment in the amount of $85.75.
Frances Deane
2623 Eagle Rock Circle, Stockton, CA 95209

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Nov 28, 2018

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