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My daughter and I ordered 2 outlaw ribeyes medium well. As we were eating and cutting into the steak. It became more clear that it was medium or close to medium rare. So we stop eating and waited on our waitress. She did come back for a while. So we stopped the hostess to get her. We told her our concern. She said it's always a little pink. It wasn't just pink. It was a little bloody. She said she was going to put them back in the grill and cook them a little more. I wasn't comfortable with that. But they put it back on the grill. We waited a lot while and they brought them back. Never heard of ‘this. Especially since I still have food that I'm eating at the table.

Dec 10, 2018
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  • Vi
      Dec 13, 2018

    It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this. I have always considered Longhorn one of the top steakhouses in my area. That is why I chose there to have my mothers 80th birthday celebration. I had a party of eight people called ahead to let them know we were coming for dinner in celebration of my mother’s 80th birthday. She said no problem. 5 o’clock was our time we arrived. I figured it would not be that busy at that time well we arrived and were seated at 2 tables put together. No problem except we were on top of each other. I asked if it would be possible to have a larger table. They ended up turning the 2 tables sideways and added another and it was perfect. Our server took our drink orders and brought them back. Asked if we wanted an appetizer but we said no we were ready to order. My mother ordered a porterhouse sweet potato and salad, I ordered filet and lobster ordered sirloin for my granddaughter from kids menu. My son ordered porterhouse sweet potato and asparagus. My sister ordered filet and lobster baked potato and salad. My son and daughter in law ordered porterhouse asparagus sweet potatoes and salad. My grandson ordered sirloin and salad. Ok we are all set. Bread was brought to table and we were just enjoying each other’s company. Well. We waited and waited and waited. We were sure our food and salads would come out together. Finally salads came. That’s the beginning.. found a hair in my salad. I discreetly told my waitress and she asked if I would like a new one I said yes. I understand things happen. No biggie. Well had not even took 2 bites of salad here comes our dinners. My grandsons steak was supposed to be cooked med well. It was bloody raw. My filet(which I ordered med) was more med well. I switched with my grandson. He devoured my steak and I took a bite of his. It tasted like the had put a shaker of salt on it I couldn’t eat it so I just continued eating my salad. Went to eat my sweet potato and it was hard lol. I’m not joking. The cook had to be very inexperienced or overwhelmed. Either way. I said oh goodness my sweet potato is raw and everyone at the table checked theirs except my mother who had not received her dinner yet and said the same thing. So when I could get our servers attention I explained the situation with the steak and sweet potatoes. My sisters baked potato was fine. They brought all of us( except my mother who still had not received her food) a new potato each. Same thing harder than rocks. We gave up on the potatoes. We just ate steak and salads except when they brought a new steak to me he asked me to cut into it to make sure it was ok. Well I sliced it in the middle and it was raw. He looked at me picked up my steak and said he would bring me another one. Oh and by the way my mother still had not received her food. No joke. They brought me another steak flatter than a pancake. Juices pressed out and a ton of salt. I was also red in middle. I gave up on that also. Finally my mothers dinner came when all of us were almost finished eating. Her steak was fine. I don’t know about her sweet potato. I didn’t ask. She ate a little and boxed the rest because we were just watching her eat. The server came back and they gave us credit for my mother’s dinner and my grandsons steak. The server said she was going to bring my mother a dessert. It arrived in a bowl like s soup bowl. Which we were ok with until the lady behind us got a birthday dessert with a candle in a nice tall martini glass Very nice and we looked at that and my mother’s and wondered why there was such a difference in the two. I am normally not a complainer but my mother was turning 80 and all I wanted was to take her to my favorite place to have a superb steak dinner and it was a disaster from start to finish. I’m a business owner. I understand how things can happen but sending things back twice and they still didn’t get it right was really upsetting We were eating at the restaurant in South Charleston, WV. I still tipped well because I don’t hold our server responsible for how our meals were cooked but I still don’t understand why my mothers dinner took so long. We were there over 2 hours and we left as soon as my moms food came and she ate a little and boxed the rest. I am just so upset because it is nearly impossible for all of us to get together because of our work schedules but we arranged to take off work early so we could all be together. Sorry so long but my mother was so looking forward to something really special and I feel I failed to achieve that and that was all she wanted and was so looking forward to your usually great steaks and impeccable service. Just so disappointing and bad for business. Thank you Vicki Maxwell Email: [protected]

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