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Long John Sivers / Service

1 Sam HoustonHuntsville, TX, United States

I went threw the drive in last week and waited 18 minutes for my food. No customers where in or outside the restaurant. There was a woman out back of the restaurant talking on cell phone smoking a cigaret. No one was coming back to the window so I started honking my horn, still no reply, so I started tapping on window, still no reply, so I opened window and yelled is any one there. Then A young man came to window and said the cook was cooking my order and then shut window and locked it with a stick. Finally my 3 chicken plank dinner was ready with about 8 french fries. Yesterday, like a fool I went back, but went inside this time. There was a woman, man and a child at one table, I went to place an order 3 minutes later a mman showed up, I asked how long it would take for my food to be ready before I placed order. He said everything was ready. I paid then waited. After 6 minutes there were about 5 people in line waiting to place orders. I asked loudly for someone to come to counter, the young man returned, I told him what was taking so long for my order, he said it was cooking. I told him there were customers waiting to place order. At that time two customers left. The manager asked what my problem was, I told her that I had been waiting for my food that the young man told me was ready 7 minutes ago. She said it would be there in a minute. 10 more minutes went by. When I received my food I told the young man I liked the food here but the service was lacking, about that time the manager came to me and wanted to know what my problem was, I explained again, and her reply Very loudly was Thanks and have a nice day. They give you a receipt which you can enter a contest on giving a report on the restaurant. The first answer on mine was no, therefore I am not entered in the contest and the call was over. Then I went on line to file a complaint with Long John Silver's Main office, when I put the store number in on the complaint side of web site, there were unable to find that store number. JUST AMAZING. NEVER IN MY LIFE WILL I EVER GO TO LONG JOHN SILVERS UNLESS I WISH TO PAY FOR ABUSE. Signed: NOT HAPPY IN HUNTSVILLE TEAXS.

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