Lincare / extremely poor customer service

Clearwater, FL, United States

This situation started last September after calling the office in Willowbrook, Illinois regarding a c-pap mask that I wanted to purchase. I was told that I could come in for a fitting and that they had two masks that I would be able to try on. When I got there, they didn't end up having the one mask (the Amara View) but they would be able to order it for me and it would take about two and a half weeks to get and they would send it to my house. Well it never arrived and I tried on three separate occasions to call and inquire about it. I never heard from anyone regarding this issue and I finally gave up and called the headquarters in Clearwater Florida. I had to order a different mask only due to the fact that I wasn't sure as to the right size that I needed. I was in desperate need of getting this mask as I was way overdue with my supplies at this point. Well the next day I finally received a call from the Willowbrook office and was told that I should call back and tell them that I needed to return the mask that I had ordered the day before and reorder the one that I wanted in the first place. I did do this and I spoke to a very nice customer service representative and was told that I would have to get return postage from them in order to return the mask and they would send it out right away along with the new mask that I had originally wanted. Well it has been nine days since then and I haven't received anything in the mail except the mask that I have to return. I was told that I only had a certain amount of time to return it and I was therefore concerned. I ended up calling the Clearwater Florida office to inquire about the problem and was unfortunate enough to be connected to the most condescending and ignorant woman that I have ever encountered. When I tried to explain my dilemma I was told in no uncertain terms that she was not going to debate with me until 8:00 c'clock tonight about the problem. She told me that I would have to wait two and a half weeks for the return postage and that was all there was to it. She berated me as to whether or not I realized that there were after all the holidays that had just passed and that was that. I tried to explain that this has been going on since September and she basically said it was not her problem. I think that she has no respect for anyone and I don't see where she has any reason to be put in a position as this with the attitude that she had with me. I was just trying to get information as to when I would receive my proper return postage that I needed. I debated as to whether or not find another c-pap provider as I was having so much trouble and regarding the attitude of this extremely rude woman I am seriously considering this. This will be my last time putting up with such disrespect from the Lincare company. By the way, the customer service representatives name is: B. Ferguson. That is if she in fact gave me her real name. She is from the Clearwater Florida office. I did speak to Debi from the Willowbrook office previously and she was very helpful. I just can't tell you enough how disappointed I am with your service. The attitude of this woman was just astounding. She has a serious problem.

Jan 13, 2017

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