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We were rushed into our house before it was finished. Nothing was addressed in our walk through.. We were told by Rhonda it is an orientation not a time to address issues.

Travis was horrible.. did not lock in our loan when he was supposed to. We have a higher interest rate because or that and then he messed up our credit by having us pay an amount and that was never correct... so he had to pull our credit again. When he finally said he would give us our loan back to give to our pre qualified lender... KEVIN blocked us and said he would sell our house... pretty sure that is not legal. Also, Lisa called us that night around midnight telling us we needed to sign a document or wouldn't get our house. We knew nothing of this and she told us she wouldn't get paid if we didn't sign it. Which would put her out 3, 000 for the month. We tried to send in issues with our house in photos to Lisa because she said if we did they could address issues earlier but, they have not been.

We were lied to multiple times and marooned into feeling like we needed to buy our house.

We also are having problems with your warranty department Dustin.

Dustin does not return phone calls. Our biggest issues are these.
1. warranty claims are checked off as completed when they are not.
2. The floor has been bubbling since BEFORE WE MOVED IN. They had to replace it during the build because it bubbled and pulled up. IT DID THE SAME THING. Now we are told they want and can only put in the same floor. Isn't that putting in a product you already know is DEFECTIVE? Especially when Lisa told us that we would get a different laminate flooring like TAOS ST. because of the flooring issues on RODEO ST. This was not the case. WE have had so many problems with our floor. When they came out the floor wasn't fixed. They fixed the wrong area sealing an area that didn't need sealed and he said that was all the could do and DUSTIN checked it off as completed. While LUKE told us he wont replace the floor with an upgrade and would have to get the same flooring. Are you kidding me... it's clearly not working and is defective why else would your company change the type of flooring for the rest of the development??!!?!

Issues existed before like our close coming down because supports weren't put in... ect...

There is so much more. We had a big list Rhonda took a copy of and said would be addressed that have not been.

WE want answers. Most of our development is extremely unhappy about the lies and lack of maintenance within our warranty time and when it is done it is done poorly.

We need your help to salvage this whole situation. When we bought our house the MLS said granite counter tops and wood flooring... come to find out it's all laminate including the counter tops which we also had start to come apart at seams...At this point we would never EVER recommend anyone go with LGI unless something is done on your end. As a first time home buyer this has been the worst and most stressful experience of MY LIFE.

Please please help us...

Nov 16, 2017
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      Nov 09, 2018

    Hi my husband and I bought a Wynn builder home and at midnight the day before we closed they were bought out by LGI. We live in North Carolina. My husband is paralyzed and in a wheelchair and our laminate sheet flooring is bubbling everywhere and ripping beginning 3 days after we moved in. They All give the run around about EVERYTHING. How can we all have paid 100’s of thousands of dollars to only be treated like we are on trial when we ask for things to be fixed. It’s sick !!! All of my neighbors have had the exact same issues. Praying for us all!!!

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