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DR HortonMold in master bathroom shower

This has issue has been going on for months. We have sent two warranty issues in, on this matter. The shower in our master bedroom has mold in one corner, coming up from underneath the shower, we filled out a warranty form, and they sent a guy out. He just wanted to cover it up. He never got back with us. After waiting, I filed another warranty claim for the same issue, and another man came out, said he someone would be getting back with us. Never heard from anyone.
This is a brand new home, not even a year old.
Debra Jackson
2625 Corona Ln
Cape Coral FL, 33909

Mold in master bathroom shower
Mold in master bathroom shower

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    Nov 20, 2020

    D.R. Horton — Plot plan shows only 3 trees however they have left the back 40 feet uncleared and ungraded

    From beginning we expressed that we preferred no trees in backyard however would accept the 3 show on plot...

    Nov 13, 2020

    DR Horton — hoa declarant

    My name is Phil Nehring ‘, I live at 489 Rye Creek Circle in Bluffton, SC 29909. This week on Tuesday...

    May 12, 2020

    D.R. Horton — Contract terminated once I started asking questions

    I went under contract with D.R. Horton Express Homes, Travis Ranch - Forney, TX division on January 18, 2020...

    Feb 11, 2020

    D.R. Horton — builder does not stand behind their product

    On 11 February 2020 I spoke with Spencer, DR Horton's customer service interface in Oklahoma City, regarding...

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    Jan 10, 2020

    D.R. Horton — garage floors/water irrigation

    We had a home built from scratch one year ago. We have a swamp on right side of our house. The left side i...

    Dec 04, 2019

    D.R. Horton — excessive moisture throughout home

    I contacted DR Horton on or about October 22, 2018 before my warranty expired on December 2018, about the...


    D.R. Hortonfront neighborhood fencing, retention pond, and light pole.

    The front fence to the neighborhood is sagging, light pole in front of house is crooked, and backyard retention pond is blocked.
    Belle Maison subdivision in Youngsville, LA. The front fence presentation to the neighborhood is sagging making the subdivision look very rundown and cheap in appearence. The retention pond in the back yard has dirt upstruction growth hindering drainage and causing stagnation breeding mosquitos. The light pole in front of my house is the only crooked one in the neighborhood. All other lights were straightened.

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      Oct 23, 2019

      D.R. Horton — warranty

      Warranty issue to get fixed I was asked to put out $712.00 dollars with the Promise form Bruno your warranty...

      Oct 21, 2019

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      D.R. Horton — lending service and closing date fluctuations

      Currently, I am working on closing a deal with Rafael Amor, who does not let me know about the rates on a...

      Oct 18, 2019

      D.R. Horton — the whole house

      I closed on my house July 31, 2019. 1 week after my roof was leaking, the week of closing the electrical...

      Sep 23, 2019

      D.R. Horton — warranty

      I submitted a complaint a out the company having to regrade my backyard after I purchased the home and moved...

      Sep 09, 2019

      D.R. Horton — ac unit compressor

      I purchased my home at 502 E Marigold Dr, in Long Beach, MS August 25, 2017. Within for 3 months of ownership...

      Aug 28, 2019

      D.R. Horton — lack of accountability/lack of customer service

      I have only been in my brand new home for just under 3 months and have encountered so many issues from...

      D.R. Hortonwarranty/quality of work

      I have only been living in my home for 5 MONTHS. Upon moving in, I noticed some issues with the house that were not present during my walkthrough. First the vinyl flooring was lifting in various places throughout the downstairs area. I immediately notified someone of the issue and was told to file a warranty maintenance request. I filed the problem, but never heard from anyone. It was not until I called the warranty office and spoke with the manager for my area, after not hearing from anyone concerning this issue along with other issues in the home that someone came out to look at the floor. By this time it was beginning of April. A contractor came out and looked at the floors and explained that the entire downstairs floor would need to be replace and not to unpack anything else in this area. No one ever returned to fix the floors and I had to resubmit another warranty issue because other things started going wrong in the home. The knee wall on the upstairs level of the home is leaning and pulling at the foundation of wall going up the stairs. Come to find out it is because no support was put inside the frame of the wall. The light in the entry hallway flickers, this issue still has not been fixed. The water pressure in my downstairs bathroom was low. After submitting three warranty request and having to contact corporate, this issue was fixed earlier this week. A warranty manager also finally came out and looked at the floors and they have finally been fixed after five months. The panels on my roof were bulging and not laying flat. A contractor came out to fix this as well but has not completed the job because he ran out of materials and has yet to return to finish. I have reported three times that there is a hole in my front yard that someone can easily step into and fall and possibly break a limb; even the warranty manager fell and almost hurt himself when he came to evaluate it. I was told a landscaper would be out to fill the hole and put down some new sod there and in the areas where the grass did not grow and in the areas where the workers messed up my grass when they were working on the houses beside me. Needless to say this issue has not been taken care of. I still have a hole in my yard and the grass has not been fixed and it makes it even worse that I have three children, who have to be mindful when they are playing in the yard to make sure they do not fall and hurt themselves. I have a lot of bulging and breaks in the sheetrock throughout the house, which I was told cannot by fixed until the 11 month check along with the leaning knee wall. Water leaks from under my master shower door, an issue that has not been fixed even though it has been reported. I was having issues with some of my doors not closing properly, a contractor was sent out to fix that, and the problem was fixed however, another problem was created in that now the molding around the door has gaps. I was told this would eventually happen with all doors and cannot be corrected until after 11 months, but initially this was not an issue. I have also noticed a worker wrote a number down and it was embedded in the paint on one of interior doors. This was also noted in my warranty claim but again I was told the door cannot be fixed or replaced until 11 months. To make matters worse, my air conditioning unit is not working properly with it being almost 90 degrees outside. I contacted the warranty manager concerning the issue and the contractors came out twice to fix the issue and the issue still has not been fixed. The builders chose the worst contractor in the area to do their heating and air systems. When I researched the company, they have a very low rating. Due to my warranty with the builders I cannot have anyone else fix the air condition because otherwise it will void my warranty. The company does not have an on call service, so now I have to wait the entire weekend to have someone come out and look at my system again. My work schedule timeline has been expressed repeatedly with the warranty department, but I still continue to get the run around with getting things fixed. Overall, I am very irritated and disgusted with the quality of the work of the contractors. The builders rushed getting the home built because they were put behind schedule due to rain and the holiday season and it definitely shows in the workmanship of the home.

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        D.R. Hortontangible personal property tax bill

        We recently received a bill for tangible personal property. From our understanding this bill actually belonged to D. R. Horton and was outstanding when we purchased the property. We also purchased all of the contents as it was one of the spec homes located at 139 Ventosa Place, Nokomis. We really liked the way the house was decorated so instead of going out to buy new when the offer was made we never dreamed we would end up with a $3908.21 tax bill. Had we known that we would have gone and purchased our own stuff for a cheaper price.
        Being in business ourselves at one time this is not the way to treat people by trying to screw them. This is your bill and should be paid by you. We certainly didn't have this planned in our budget so I'm not sure how we are going to resolve it since the bill has been sent to a collection agency.
        We certainly will be telling friends and family who are considering purchasing something from you to be aware that you like to screw people. We also intend to put this out on social media for other people to see. The desirable solution would be for D.R. Horton to do the right thing and pay the bill. Property owned by Paul and Diane Mahoney. Email [protected]@yahoo.com

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          D.R. Hortonwarranty/customer service

          Where do I start? Dates are hard to provide cause it's been over such a long period of time. Sometime around May 2019 I submitted multiple claims for warranty to which just about all of them went unanswered. I resubmitted each claim again stating so cause no one responds to the claims. Eventually someone responded and set up dates to be repaired. Some showed, others didn't, no calls or anything, just a no show. I re submitted those claims and no responses again. I then emailed in a complaint about how horrible their treatment of a half million dollar home buyer was and bang, I got a call from Jackie Sprauge. She was so nice, assured me it would all be taken care of, and went over every claim one by one and set up a date for them all to come out and repair them. Well, one guy showed, the others, including a representative from DR Horton themselves, never called or showed. I sat around waiting and wasting my time for nothing. So, I did what anyone would do, I re submitted all those claims not handled and guess what, no answer, no response, no "hey sir, we got your claim but we're very busy but be assured we will get back to you very soon". Nope, nothing, nadda, zero, just a blank email and claim submission that for all I knew was deleted. So, a week after no response I emailed back and advised DR Horton that these were my last emails and that after this I would just come up to the Tampa office, and in my own words, straighten this [censored] out, cause no one was answering or responding to my emails. I also stated that I would come up there and we would figure this all out on why no one was responding to me right in the lobby where all the new buyers would be waiting to close on their new homes. Well, I then received a very quick call back from DR Horton, but not at first to try to help their half million dollar customer but to threaten legal action for me threatening their office and employees ! Yes sir, no joke. After explaining that the email said no such thing and no threats other than coming up there to get anyone to hear my problems and fix what should be fixed was explained did we move on to my issues. We'll see if the new scheduled date to meet will be honored but I will say this, being retired law enforcement and military and having the time on my hands, I will do as much as I can to spread the word about DR Horton and how horrible they treat their customers on top of the quick fast cheaply built homes they make. Sure they are a huge builder but that's all on our backs, the customers they forget right after closing! I will meet with as many realtors as possible as well as try to obtain my realtor license just so I can advise prospective home buyers to avoid DR Horton! Trust me, if you are on the fence on buying a DR Horton home, please trust me, please, do not buy it. No matter how much you like it or the price, do not buy it, you will regret it. Time for the big builder on the block to get back to customer service or deal with every bad complaint that can be mustered up. That's my goal

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            • Updated by Limite236 · Jul 26, 2019

              I document everything and I WILL go to Tampa, pretty soon cause even after they responded to my complaints and sent someone out to check all the issues, I haven't once again heard from them at all, and that's going on almost 3 weeks ! I will not let them off the hook though, I lived up to my part of the contract which was to pay, now they will live up to theirs and warranty everything that is broken. After my Tampa visit I will obtain legal counsel and pursue it that way.

            • Am
              Amanda101225 Jul 26, 2019

              We are having this same issue! Roof repair needed for 6 months now no answer. Issues with the electric wiring had to hire outside to fix it. Plus other issues including getting a recalled part replaced! Its ridiculous

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            D.R. Hortona cheap house that anyone can huff and puff and blow down

            We have only been living in our home for 5 MONTHS. We have been encountering multiple issues from the day we moved in until present. We have dealt with electrical problems roof problems nail pops debris under carpet vinyl floor lifting, garage warping, plumbing, siding problems, and our YARD!!!. One day when we outside doing yard work we noticed the roof on our house had started to bubble up and began to look wavy. We contacted DR Horton Warranty Department regarding this matter and were told that it would fall under the first year warranty. Being persistent we continued to follow up with them to come out and look at the problem until finally we got a call from Roque (guess he is the guy who reports all the warranty complaints) After the builder and the Supervisor evaluated the situation it was determined that due to the loads of shingles being stored on the actual flat portion of the roof it began to buckle. They called themselves repairing it a couple of months ago by adding support beams in the attic to push the collapsing roof back up. However, last night we looked and it's waving up AGAIN. After walking through the house, we found at least 46+ issues; such as, a cracked cement, carpet bulking with debris under it, loose siding under the window frames, crooked toilets, chipped bricks, nail pops (holes) in several walls, warped garage door, and a busted ugly egregious non graded YARD, sod is literally is dead broken and disgusting to look at. Front and Back. as well as lack of molding, grout, weather stripping, and caulk.
            Their homes are made with poor quality materials and substandard workmanship. We recently visited our neighbors home which by the way is directly next door and the exact same house (Packard) and OMG you should see the quality of these homes. They look like they are being put together by 5 year old with Lego blocks. Buyer beware!!!. In a few months after your warranty expires you will have structural and foundation issues? You will have plumbing issues and electrical issues. Stay away from these homes. You can thank your lucky stars you did later on. My husband is a professional heating and Air technician and worked as a builder supervisor for over a decade but because DR HORTON know how to market and dress up their homes to SELL he only caught all the latent defects. But once you buy and move into the home, you will find out that D R Horton is CHEAP on design CHEAP on Quality CHEAP on everything! Our dishwasher is so cheap we are counting the days for it to fall apart along with the stove range ad fridge. I mean you could NOT imagine. It's like you bought a house at a movie production studio. It looks REAL but everything is FAKED! They only care about numbers. And are in a rush to sell, sell, and sell. The subcontractors really don't give a damn need to make money and as long as it doesn't affect them they don't care. Beware. Think about why they named it Express Homes. All their locations have "Express Homes". That are built and inspected by Pinky and the Brain!
            DR Horton's representatives agreed to replace and/or repair, to our satisfaction, any and all of the deficiencies that we found. However they will NOT call you back in a timely manner but only when it's convenient to them. They will have you use up all your PTO from work because they don't want to satisfy your warranty on the weekends but they will build, build, and build 7 days a week! We bought one of the cheapest lowest quality homes of all time. This is the worst experience we have ever had. I have not been able to sleep well since I moved in to my house of horrors from D R Horton. Do not buy D R Horton ever. My floors are squeaking and the contractor swore up and down he could not hear it. (This is the 2nd time he has come to fix the squeak) It has been "repaired" once before however, the repair made it worse. On a third attempt finally the entire carpet in the Master Bedroom was rolled and our carpet had debris left under it and they just carpeted over. The carpet is lumpy and makes noise when you walk over the debris. Also, the seams in the carpet are visible and the carpet is already matted down. Under the carpet was a Snapple bottle top, a burrito paper and candy wrappers. The builder Supervisor Anthony was so embarrassed he had to call his boss to report it. I am hoping that since I submitted my next set of complaints online they will address the YARD. The yard is a HOT MESS. It's now a health hazard it has so many lumps and bumps hills and valleys that it would make for an awesome ski slopes ..too bad this house is in Atlanta and not Colorado. I'm sure by the time all is done I will have a dozen more nail pops sheetrock pops and structural damage.
            One of the subcontractors working in our neighborhood told me there have been MANY angry D.R. Horton customers and several people are complaining. The Code inspector needs to shut down all production until the homes that are already built have their problems and concerns addressed.

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              D.R. Hortonwarranty

              A stucco crack was identified the day I closed on my home, February 8, 2019. The builder assured me this issue would be resolved before I closed on my home. The crack was not repaired it was painted over. On May 13, 2019, my garage began to leak as a result of the crack. I filed a warranty claim and an inspection was performed on May 29, 2019. 6 stucco cracks and 2 holes were found on the left side of my home. DR Horton scheduled a repair for 6/19/19. My house continued to leak and I attempted to contact them several times with no success. On 6/19/19, a contractor contacted me and notified me that DR Horton didn't submit a work order until that morning and they are unable to perform the repair until 6/24/19. My house is still leaking and no one from DR Horton is not responding phone calls or emails!

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                D.R. Hortonsewer pipes connected to the house

                We closed on 12/22/16. On 6/15/19 we had a back up to our house from the sewer line. Called a plumber out and we have a broken sewer pipe, the covers over the pipes were never sealed either. This house is not that old and this should of not happened. Now we have to cut thru our driveway and replace this pipe that homeowners is not covering, then poor concrete back for the driveway.

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