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Complaints & Reviews

bad service

On the morning of July 18, 2019, Thursday I called this Schumacher model home location, in an attempt to make...

Scott Real Estate


We have met with one of the sales representatives in Greessburg PA and he was not customer friendly when we asked many times if we could pick the materials we like from the choices from what they offer to get an price estimate. He responded "NO" as "joking???" many times...Well, after 5 weeks waiting we did not recieve a price estimate yet, although emailed and called many times not only the rep but also the manager. No wonder he was saying "no" when we wanted to pick the materials, may be he really meant it!

I do not feel confident that how they would build a house if they can not give a price estimate! Or, there is something going on we do not know! At least I can guess either a discrimination case for internationals, or it can be only a salesman fault.

  • Au
    Aurora C Apr 22, 2014

    I completely disagree with the post above. I am a minority myself and I felt nothing more than welcome at the Greensburg, PA location. All of the employees were extremely helpful and spent time assisting with price estimates and cost changes for modifications. My expectations were exceeded, and I look forward to building with this company.

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Just Bad Business

Do NOT use Linda Schumacher to rent your vacation home at Kismet. She might leave you a cute 'welcome package' but, she will make your summer miserable. She will closely monitor your stay. She does not return phone calls for legitimate issues regarding your lease and the house and will become obsessed about insignificant details. She cares mostly about her commission, so if you wind up renting from her for more than one year, don't expect your calls and emails to be answered. She got her commission and she done with you.

My roof leaks in four areas of my home

I now have four different areas of my roof that are leaking. This has happened once before in the garage. They said it had nothing to do with the roof. That it was the freeze and thawing of the wet drywall. They came out, sanded down all the drywall in the garage (you can only imagine the dust)the redid the drywall. Now it happening again, except it's also in 3 differnt areas. I now have cracked and stained ceiling in the bedroom, kicthen and great room (which has cathedrel ceilings).I called Schumacher and they put me on hold, then gave me someones voice mail, that I have not heard from. Ohio State Attorney General here I come. Wish me luck.

Terrible experience

Terrible experience! This company relies on local subs and is only as good as the ones they use. We worked with 3 managers and 4 contractors. The first manager was a sales person they made a construction manager. He knew little of construction. The first contractor was okay but more concerned about his own clients than Schumachers. He did not supervise our house and many mistakes were made. Long story shortened, we have a list of 2 pages of errors. It took longer than 6 months because the errors had to be ripped out and corrected, and because of the turnover of managers and contractors. Still have problems and subs do not want to come back and make good. I would recommend that anyone wanting to build find a good local contractor that will watch your construction closely. Our experience was really bad and still bad. I understand there were others in the Lafayette area that are experiencing problems or went through problems and would hope they are brave enough to speak up. This might prevent other from going through the nightmare that we went through.

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PLEASE DO NOT use this real estate broker for your rental or purchase. They do not return phone calls, more...

Terrible everything

Schumacher homes is not all they advertise to be. They are inflexible. The site supervisor has ordered...

Terrible service!

In November 2007, we visited the Schumacher Homes center in Greenville, South Carolina and met with Ms. Lisa Olson of Schumacher Homes. Based on a previously provide quote on building a home on our land in the Greenville area, we entered into a contract with Schumacher to have our home built. This contract was wholly based on us obtaining, through Triad Mortgage, an acceptable (to us) mortgage.

After dealing with Mr. Matt Surface, it was readily apparent that Triad Mortgage (owned by Schumacher Homes) was a total 'rip-off' organization. The mortgage quoted to us by Mr. Matt Surface (if one can really believe that name) was a full 2% above prevailing rates for the same mortgage and Mr. Surface indicated that they would require $65K down. This 'offered' mortgage was totally unsatisfactory to us and we informed Schumacher Homes of our decision.

We then received a letter stating, in essence, that, due to our failure to live up to the contract, that Schumacher Homew would refund our deposit. As requested, we returned their 'homeowners manual,' signed a letter requesting our refund and sent it out via certified mail to Schumacher Homes in Greenville, SC. This package was received by Schumaker, according to USPS tracking on 24 December 2007, however it was not picked up by Schumacher personnel until 13 January 2008.

When my wife spoke with Ms. Lisa Olson of Schumacher homes on 20 January, she was told that the check was being cut and that we should receive it within the next 'day or two.' This is the 25th of January 2008 and we have yet to receive the check.

Additionally, during our negotiations with Schmacher Homes, we were told that we were entitled to a $15K discount if we purchased prior to the end of November 2007. When we asked about the discount with Ms. Olson, she denied ever having said that, although the $15K discount was advertised on the Schumacher web site during October 2007. By the way, Schumacher is now offering a new BMW automobile to anyone purchasing one of their homes.

Between Schumacher and Triad Mortgage, there were more lies told than the law allows and their purchase contract, of which we kept a copy clearly states that 'if owner acceptable financing cannot be arranged through Triad Mortgage, all funds deposited will be refunded'... yet another Schumacher lie.

My wife and I were extremely fortunate to have concluded this purchase prior to going any further. Schumacher's ability to live up to their advertisements is seriously in question and I would recommend NOT doing business with them. In a 'buyer's market' such as we have today, we are confident that we will find a reputable builder, however, it most certainly WILL NOT be Schumacher and we urge others not to go down this road.

  • Br
    Brian Jun 19, 2008

    There are so many things wrong with this complaint that it is comical.. First of all, who would need to deal with a mortagage broker that is 2% higher than anyone else.. Uh could it be that they have TERRIBLE credit?? Second, they needed $65, 000 to put down on the house?? at 10% that is a $650, 000 house and at 20% that is a $325, 000 house.. Schumacher's deal was for $15, 000 in upgrades to the house NOT a $15, 000 discount and they would LEASE you a BMW for a year NOT BUY YOU ONE!! Our Schumacher house if wonderful and we love it!! Take this for what it's worth!!!

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  • Ma
    Mary Becker Aug 13, 2008

    Hi, My name is Mary Becker and I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the company. Firstly, I’m sorry that you had a poor experience in one of our offices and I am very sorry that I haven't responded sooner- this online complaint just recently came to my attention. I realize that you didn't choose us to build your new home, and subsequently moved on to another builder and I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your home building experience.

    I would really appreciate the opportunity to close the loop with you personally so that I can better understand the situation you experienced and to make sure that we have at least done our part to properly conclude our business with you and your wife including returning any deposit money and respecting your future contact preferences.

    If you are willing to contact me, please call 1-800-813-1116 x309 (my direct extension). I look forward to speaking with you personally about it.


    Mary Becker

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  • Sy
    Sydney Crackower Oct 06, 2008

    Another great move by Schumacher is that the require a builders risk policy purchased at the time
    of loan application--the policy is non refundable.
    We paid $2300.00 for this policy and we've lost
    that amount even though we decided not to accept the loan. Why not insist that the policy be bought
    after closing and before construction begins--would that make too much sense?

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  • Sy
    Sydney Crackower Oct 06, 2008

    Today we concluded any chance of having Schumacher build a home for us. Their mortgage company TRIAD put us through unbelievable loops and hurdles to obtain a mortgage. They earlier agreed to wave the PMI on our mortgage for a mere $500.00
    a month as our project appraised for the amount
    they said would qualify us for a waver of PMI.
    In the final analysis when the loan was accepted
    the condition of paying PMI was insisted upon by their underwriter--they would not back down.
    We refuse to close they welched on their deal.
    Now they want to find us a new lender--No tyhanks guys--it's over

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  • To
    Tom May 20, 2009

    Schumacher Homes is a total joke. We talked to them on several occasions a couple of years ago and there were three different sales people in a short period of time. The straw that broke the camels back for us was this new sales guy with these HUGE eyebrows that kept trying to push us into buying a house. He scared us away, he kept saying "what do you think about going forward with this today" about ten times. They must be desparate to be using tactics like that.

    I ran into someone that built a schumacher home and their basement leaked for over three years without resolve. stay away from these guys, they are not reputable. We chose Wayne Homes as our builder, the process was flawless except for the drywall which they fixed after we complained about it.

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  • Bu
    Builder in Baton Rouge Dec 08, 2010

    I praise anyone whom did not build with Schumacher Homes and suffer the problems I had and the prblems I am stuck with. They show you their 6 steps in owning a home. Sit back, relax, and then enjoy. Even though you have a signed contract, they do not have to follow their own wording because of special clauses in the contract. Good example is the Limitation of Damages. It took Schumacher Homes 6 months to begin the construction and an additional 12 months to complete (with many defects) and I was stuck with paying my construction loan penalties forcing me to accept the home "AS IS." I was not neither was Mother Nature the cause for delay. If you would like the full story and pictures, please send an email to [email protected]

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  • Te
    Terry Allen12 Jan 10, 2019

    I am a severely disabled Veteran and was inquiring about building a Specially Adapted House that is wheelchair accessible with Schumacher Homes. I was given 3 single sheets to initial that stated what great things they would do in building the house and then a document that stated at he top, "Receipt". It was for a deposit they required to draw up plans for $1500.00. Later at home I found a contract hidden inside one of their magazines I was given. but I digress. After a 20 min talk I left to find a lender and land with the understanding any failure of the two and I was to get my Plan deposit back. No plans were drafted and the land deal fell through. All this happened during Thanksgiving and Christmas and the person with Schumacher I was to work with was on vacation and I had no contact with them for more than 3 weeks. After the land purchase going south Schumacher agreed to return my deposit and terminate the agreement of which there was not a contract to purchase to start with. In the signed Release of Purchase Agreement Schumacher agreed to return my deposit and not pursue any other legal action it has available. I sent all materials plus the original release form as I had emailed the form to Mary Schumacher Becker to her by registered mail. I was surprised to receive a check for $750.00 from Mrs. Becker when I was due $1500.00. Where is the other half of my $1500.00 Mrs. Becker? When you go ripping off a severely disabled Veteran that has nothing to do but warn all Veterans to beware of your company you have something worry about. I would bet we area large part of your business. I will call tomorrow and request the rest of my money and the outcome of that will dictate what I will do next but I know a negative outcome will consist of a through multimedia blitz, a continued soap box speeches at the VA clinics, hospitals and events I attend. I understand you are on Facebook or at least have sites there and I swear I will not stop until I am dead! I bet ya the general public with all the sentiment and appreciation for Veterans will be discouraged to deal with a company that would cheat and steal a disabled Veterans money. Is my $750 so important to you that you have to steal IT. I hope you know what is good for business!
    Terry Allen

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  • Te
    Terry Allen12 Jan 11, 2019

    @Terry Allen12 I contacted Mary Becker and she said she would be sending me a check and I should be receiving it next week! Thank you for getting back to me and I will be looking for the check.

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